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The abat-dolor are a race of powerful demonic nobility, originating from a Plane deep within the Abyss. Displaced in their wars with deities and other demons, and in the violent clan strife which continually besets them, the dolor have wandered far from their native region, establishing realms and strongholds across a hundred Abyssal layers. Some are itinerant, and act as elite mercenaries or advisors to powerful Tanar'ri. They demonstrate great martial prowess, and their preference for armor – unusual amongst demons – combined with their formidable arsenal of spell-like abilities makes them amongst the most dangerous of demonic foes. Abat-dolor have exceptional resistance to spells.

The story of the abat-dolor is long, glorious and bloody; filled with passion, rebellion, betrayal and murder. Historically, the dolor were a race of aesthetes and sophisticates who disdained association with most other tanar'ri, who guarded the purity of their lineage (seldom breeding with mortals), and who were jealous of their ancient customs and traditions. Circumstances have forced many of them to adopt a more open and pragmatic view, although the arrogance of the abat-dolor always causes friction with other Abyssal races. With the exception of certain notable members of their species, the dolor generally show little regard for mortal affairs, and prefer to concentrate their efforts in the arena of demonic politics: most of their realms and enclaves are established below the three hundredth layer of the Abyss.

An abat-dolor is statuesque, typically standing eight feet tall and weighing four hundred pounds. Their digits – six per hand and foot – are long and elegant, and their skin ebon black. A dolor's eyes are green slits without iris or pupil. Their preference is for ornate armour made of an abyssal bronze – functionally identical with mithral, and they wield cold iron weapons in contempt of lesser demons: typically longswords and spears. Some coat their weapons with poison such as vilestar.

The dolor are master strategists, exploring every possible avenue in pursuit of their goals, and employing diverse agents to further their agendas: much of this energy is focused on internecine squabbles and ancient rivalries. If the path of a dolor crosses that of a mortal, it will pursue any wrongs with equal venom.

The abat-dolor don't appear in any official TSR or Wizards of the Coast products; they're from novels written by Gary Gygax in a company he started after he left TSR.


Come Endless Darkness by Gary Gygax (New Infinities)
Dance of Demons by Gary Gygax (New Infinities)

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