Sigilian vermin

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Sigilian vermin

We all know about the Cranium Rats, executioner birds, and razor vine that populate Sigil. But what other vermin lurk in the City?

  • Cranium bats: Cagers consciously gave these white-headed bats a name similar to that of Sigil’s famous brain-domed rats in order to confuse the out-of-towners, but they are actually an import from Tge Gray Wastes. Mostly occupying belfries and attics in the Hive, individuals are relatively harmless, but swarms give off a flesh wasting disease that starts with hair falling out. The bats themselves exhibit the influence by slowly sloughing their own flesh and hair, starting with the heads.
  • Ankhroaches: Appearing like an elongated roach, with a second segment appended to the first, the back of the front segment is marked with a gold oval with its long dimension running lengthwise, a gold bar where the two segments meet, and a long gold stripe on the back segment, these creatures are hated for their tendency to burrow through stone and inhabit even impregnable residences.
  • Thermites: A know neighborhood danger, these burrowing insects flock to wood structures, which they tenaciously consume. As they eat, thermites exude a pitch-like combustible oil. Massed thermites also generate enormous static electricity in their mouths, which ignite pitch liningtge burrows throughout the structures. Collapsing structures spray pitchy coals throughout the neighborhood, resulting in more fires.
  • Bagoon: Native to the realm of Demogorgon, these aggressive beasts are, effectively, green baboons with a pair of tentacles in place of a tail (which, interestingly, baboons do not have). While mostly haunting the Hive, infestations in the Market Ward lead to neighborhoods being temporarily closed until the beasts are mollifie, driven off, or exterminated.

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