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Venues List
by: Denis "Ambrus" Richard

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This is a compilation of all named Venues culled from official Planescape material. It lists basic information about each location, wherever available, and is primarily intended to serve as a reference index rather than a substitute for the various products in which these venues appear.

There are currently 290 Venues included in this compilation. They've been culled from a variety of sources including most official 2e supplements, adventures and even a setting specific novel and video game. The following is a bibliography along with the abbreviated forms used throughout the document:

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UFS - Uncaged: Faces of Sigil
WW - Well of Worlds (adventure)

Caveat: To be included in this compilation a location needs to have a proper name or unique moniker, be located in Sigil (or at least have its primary access point in Sigil) and serve some type of identifiable function (be it public or private).

The vast majority of these venues find their origins in 2e AD&D sources which predate the events described in the Faction War adventure. Many are also culled from adventures and supplements with no clear mention of when in the city's history these venues came into being or later became defunct; leaving dubious timeline issues and the fates of some of the locations for individual DMs to resolve.

Some venues, in their original context, have only dubious mentions concerning their placement within the city's wards while others offer no such clues. In other circumstances some of the venues have two or more sources which contradict each other in regards to location. Although individual DMs are free to place such venues in whichever ward suits their own tastes and story needs, for the purpose of creating the accompanying Sigil Map, it was necessary to ascribe each venue a definitive position within the city's six wards. In such circumstances a subjective decision was made based on the available background material and the resultant entry is marked in red[/b].

b]How to read the entries[/b]

Map #: A reference number which can be used to pinpoint the venue's location on the Sigil Map.

Venue Name: The venue's proper name or unique moniker. Places of business are usually followed by a qualifier which identifies the type of establishment it is (for example: inn, tavern, etc).

Ward: The abbreviated name of the Ward in which the venue is located (i.e. Clerk, Market, Guild, Lower, Lady and Hive). In addition to the basic six, the list includes a two other possible entries; Under, which is attributed to those venues which are located in the sub-surface area of the city commonly known as Undersigil and Any, which denotes a venue whose primary access portal can be located anywhere in the city.

Rating: A subjective evaluation of how completely the venue is described in the source material. A single asterisk indicates that the source material contains little to no information beyond what is included in the list. Two asterisks indicates that the source material contains a few additional background details beyond what is included in the list. Three asterisks indicate that there is significant background information available in the source material concerning the venue, possibly including some significant background information. Four asterisks indicate that the venue is described in great detail with most of the pertinent information a DM might like to know, usually including a map. Five asterisks is reserved for fully fleshed-out venues, usually including maps, key NPC stats, extensive background information and possibly even artwork.

Source: In which book and on what page the Venue is described. Some Venues are listed with multiple pages and multiple sources if significant information is available elsewhere but, in most instances, only a venue's primary or best available source material is referenced.

Location: A quote containing any available information which helps to pinpoint the venue's exact location within the city.

Occupants: A listing of which NPCs, if any, are known to frequent that venue.

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