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by: Denis "Ambrus" Richard

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This is a compilation of all named Non Player Characters culled from official Planescape material. It lists basic information about each character, wherever available, and is primarily intended to serve as a reference index rather than a substitute for the various products in which these characters appear.

There are currently 1016 entries included in this compilation. They've been culled from a variety of sources including most official 2e supplements, adventures, setting specific novels and even two video games. The following is a full bibliography along with the abbreviated forms used throughout the document:

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UFS - Uncaged: Faces of Sigil
WW - Well of Worlds (adventure)

To be included in this compilation an NPC needs to have a proper name or unique moniker and be described, either directly or through clear implication, as having once been present in the planar city of Sigil. The latter criterion is sometimes difficult to judge since some NPCs have little to no background information beyond a colorful quote attributed to them. If ever I am left in doubt I have erred on the side of caution and excluded that character from the list.

The vast majority of these NPCs find their origins in 2e AD&D sources which predate the events described in the Faction War adventure. Many are also culled from adventures and supplements with no clear mention of when in the city's history these characters may appear in Sigil; leaving dubious timeline issues and the fates of some NPCs for individual DMs to resolve. Although the context in which an NPC is mentioned might seem to imply that that character be a member of a particular race or gender, when confronted with a lack of unambiguous evidence I have left the corresponding entries for that NPC blank. It is left up to individual DMs to provide missing details to suit their own tastes and story needs with no fear of being contradicted by source material.

How to read the entries:

Many of the NPCs' entries are left blank due to a lack of available information. Individual DMs may feel free to fill in the blanks with little worry of ever finding contradicting information in a source-book.

Name: The NPC's proper name or unique moniker, including common aliases, nicknames and descriptive additions, but usually excluding titles. Characters are listed by their first name or descriptive words which normally precedes their name. For example, 'Sly' Nye is listed under Sly rather than Nye.

Some entries also include a qualifier in parentheses intended to indicate a particular status for that character. These include the words ancient (indicating that the NPC is not mentioned as having died, but is described as having lived in the city in the distant past and who could be assumed to be long dead... or not), ascended (indicating the the NPC has become a god and can no longer enter the city), deceased (indicating that the NPC has expired but is not a petitioner or an undead resident of the city), juvenile (indicating an immature member of the NPC's race), mazed (indicating that the NPC has been cast into an extradimensional maze by the Lady of Pain), transcended (indicating the the NPC has disappeared from Sigil and is assumed to have somehow elevated themselves to a new state of being), vanished (indicating the the NPC has disappeared from Sigil with no given explanation), and venerable (indicating an elderly member of the NPC's race).

Nature: Indicating to which of the five types of being the character belongs; Petitioner, Planar, Power, Prime or Proxy.

Gender: The NPC's gender; either female or male.

Race: The NPC's race (and sub-race if any).

Class: The NPC's class or Hit Dice. Although some effort has been made to update class names and Hit Dice to match 3e standards, there may yet be some obsolete game information and inconsistencies here. For instance, NPCs who in 2e were described as "0-level" characters are listed simply as "NPC-"; meaning that a DM should feel free to assign such a character an appropriate NPC class and level.

Faction: The faction (or sect), if any, to which the NPC belongs.

Alignment: The NPC's alignment. Please note that some NPCs have only a single component of their alignment followed by a question mark. These indicate NPCs who are somehow described as having that alignment component but without any clear indication of the second missing component.

Rating: A subjective evaluation of how completely the NPC is described in the source material. A single asterisk indicates that the source material contains little to no information beyond what is included in the list. Two asterisks indicates that the source material contains a few additional background details beyond what is included in the list. Three asterisks indicate that there is significant background information available in the source material concerning the NPC, possibly including a stat block. Four asterisks indicate that the NPC is described in great detail with most of the pertinent information a DM might like to know. Five asterisks is reserved for fully fleshed-out NPCs, usually including stat blocks, extensive background information and possibly even artwork.

Source: In which book and on what page the NPC is described. Some NPCs are listed with multiple pages and multiple sources if significant information is available elsewhere but, in most instances, only an NPC's primary or best available source material is referenced.

Commonly Found: In which location(s) an NPC is described as frequenting, either as a proprietor, employee, patron or resident.

Background: A summary of key details concerning the NPC's occupation, origin, relationships, titles or deeds in any.

Quote: A colorful quote from the NPC; useful for communicating the character's personality, opinions or prejudices.

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