The origin of ghaik

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The origin of ghaik

Well met planewalkers,

Short version:
Does anyone know the origin of ghaik, the Gith term used to refer to illithids?

Long version:
You may know that the game, Baldur's Gate III, is coming out later this year. It features githyanki, spelljammers (nautiloids), mind flayers, trips through the planes (Stygia / Cania), planeshifting, and there are mentions of Stardock, crèches etc. It follows on from Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, but focuses a lot more on githyanki-mind flayer relations.
Anyway, I've been looking for the origin of the term ghaik, as it uses this in the game footage to refer to illithids, as well as lots of other githyanki words, such as gh'ath (which apparently means ship).

Almost all web searches of "ghaik" with "githyanki" point back to the old site, including threads since 2006. Thus, I was wondering if any experts here knew the origin of the term? I looked through the old Planewalker Planescape Campaign Setting documents to no avail.

The oldest source I could find originates from an article on a website from someone called Skypti. According to Skypti the site just contains her "thoughts, ramblings, and creations". I found an archive of her original page

I'm thinking that there must be another origin. If you have any ideas as to where the term [i]ghaik[\i] is from, let me know!
- Priest