Old/new user (VikingLegion) trouble accessing account

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Old/new user (VikingLegion) trouble accessing account

Hey @Clueless and the rest of you awesome Planewalker people! As part of bringing back folks to the site, I received a message from a user named VikingLegion who has been having trouble signing in to his/her old account, as well as trouble creating a new account.

Forwarding what was sent to me at ENWorld, and hoping someone came help him/her out...

VikingLegion wrote:
I used to post a couple years ago over on Planewalker under this same alias (VikingLegion). My contributions were minimal, and probably not very memorable, but I still enjoyed those forums quite a bit. After the huge data crash I gave up, thinking they'd never get it active again. On a whim I checked in the other day and saw that Clueless is rebuilding the forum and importing quite a bit of that old info. 

I tried to re-sign in, but it wouldn't take my old password. I clicked the link to reactivate an old account, and even though it said it sent further information to my email, this didn't occur. I even tried to create a new forum handle under a separate email address, still to no avail. Next I emailed Clueless (Clueless@planewalker.com) but got an undeliverable mail. 

I simply don't know what else I can do to reclaim my old account or get a new one working, everything I've tried has failed. 

I noticed you and Sciborg2 are among, if not the, most active posters, so I simply followed your 5th edition conversion link over to this site. I registered (on ENWorld) just today for the express purpose of cyber-stalking you.  Anyway, is there a chance you could post something on the new Planewalker forums? Both about old users being unable to reactivate, as well as new profiles not being able to go through? If you could let Clueless know there is a problem, maybe she can look into it and see why I'm having such an unreasonably difficult time doing something that should be relatively simple. Feel free to paste this message if need be. Again, my handle over there was VikingLegion - if you look in the old forums I wrote Parallel 47 on the "Enumerating the Parallel Universes" thread (just supplying this to show my history, not because it's good or anything!) 


Ok, sorry for the stalking, I just really want to reactivate that account and am frustrated by my inability to do so.

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He messaged me too. Can

He messaged me too. Can anyone help?