New users cannot register accounts

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New users cannot register accounts

I know we're kinda all aware that Planewalker has some issues right now, but a bigger issue than old accounts not being accessible and old posts not being transferred is the fact that we don't have a "register" button at all. There is no way for new users to sign up for this forum.

My experience running PS games at conventions is that there's still a lot of interest in Planescape, and a lot of new people I've run for are really intrigued by the setting and happy to be introduced to it, but one person I DMed for at Paizocon who wanted to come hang out on Planewalker with us reached out to me asking how they register an account. There's no link anywhere. I logged out to look for it, and I couldn't find one either.

I want to do the Fanzine project because I want to create Planescape content and have a vehicle to get that content out into the community, but if people can't register for our forum and join our community after seeing our zine, that's no good :(

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Sent email to you and

Sent email to you and Clueless about this!