Fanzine 2020 Planning - First 4 issues, assigning subjects

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Fanzine 2020 Planning - First 4 issues, assigning subjects

Jem suggested we get 4 issues in the bank before we start publishing, and I agree with this.

Honestly, I don't know if we ever actually got the Sigil issue finalized and published the last time we were working on this. If we ever completely ironed out where we were hosting the document, I either don't remember or wasn't looped in on it. I have no recollection of having a space ON Planewalker set up to host the finished PDFs.

Do we want to re-re-restart our Sigil issue and get it finalized and polished? Update content to current editions, etc? What other issues are we looking at doing?

Issue 1 - Sigil
Issue 2 - Mechanus
Issue 3 - Was this going to be upper planar content?
Issue 4 - ???

I can take lead on re-re-redoing the Sigil issue, and 1 other issue. Jem offered to take lead on the Mechanus issue, but do we want that as our 2nd issue or do we want to shuffle things a little bit?

Re: Pathfinder content, the APG with the rules for Aasimar and Tiefling will be releasing in about 1 month, which will open the doors to create PF2 Aasimar and Tiefling content. Whereas other planetouched like genasie/geniekin et al won't be introduced in PF2 until next February, which means we can't really release rules content for those races until then w/o risking creating content that's invalidated by the release of the official rules content for them.

& with the way PF2 is set up, creating new ancestry feats for the planetouched heritages is imo a really fertile area for adding planar content to the game.

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There's a post by sciborg on

There's a post by sciborg on issue topics: . They were, tentatively:

Issue 2: Celestials
Issue 3: Mechanus
Issue 4: The Weird
Issue 5: Elementals, Nature, Fey
Issue 6: Evil

And we switched 2 and 3. "Upper Planes" is probably a better focus than "Celestials," unless we can get enough material just on celestials.

That would make Issue 4 "The Weird." However, that post is from 2016 so, you know, we don't have to be tied to it.

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I think that's still a solid

I think that's still a solid list of topics. Sigil -> Upper Planes or Sigil -> Lower Planes probably makes more sense than Sigil -> Mechanus, since Mechanus is 1 plane and not a group of planes, so the focus of a Mechanus issue is much more narrow.

Whenever we do the Lower Plane book we should produce some Yugoloth and Blood War content, which I think I'd reliably be able to rope Shemeska into writing.

I think I'd rather separate Elementals out from Nature and Fey but that depends on how much content we can source for both of them. I've been on a bit of a crusade trying to get more cool elemental content into PF for a little while and I'd be happy to continue pushing that agenda in the fanzine.

End of October 2020 - get our Sigil issue sorted out and actually published & available
End of January 2021 - Upper Planes
End of April 2021 - Mechanus, or maybe Mechanus and Limbo? Shift the focus to Law and Chaos both?
End of July 2021 - Lower Planes

Aim got get as much done as possible before posting anything in October.

Thoughts on this structure?

Oct 31 publication date,
-> get all assets (articles & art) in ideally by October 1 for layout, could push to Oct 15 for art
-> ideally have articles in by Sept 1 so we know what art needs to be completed