Dustmen Attitude on Captured Souls

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Dustmen Attitude on Captured Souls

I was pulling up some ideas I had to add to the "Factions In 5e Format" thread and I came across this question that I put aside and then never came back to answer:

What would the primary reaction of the Dustmen be to souls being captured to power magic spells or devices?

My first reaction was that they would object to anything that interferes with the normal transmigration of souls. But then I questioned that since the Dustmen seem primarily concerned with an unemotional disassociation with the passions (and torments) of existence.
If the soul is trapped in a magical item or destroyed in a spell, it doesn't seem to contradict the Dustmen philosophy. The only way it seemed to be in conflict is if the soul is somehow tormented or in pain

What does the community believe? Would the majority of the Dustmen be greatly concerned with trapped souls or would they be largely indifferent (or possibly in favor of it)?

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I think it depends on their

I think it depends on their alignment.
Good might see the lost freedom as worse than the lost flesh. “He is close to the glorious loss of affectation that comes from sloughing the flesh.”
Evil might feel that the pain is an object lesson in the Dustmen philosophy. “Clearly, this one has not cast off the habits and feelings bound to his corporeal existence.”