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So we have them all in one place and easy to access - we've pulled together most of the downloadable files from the old site here on Dropbox:

We will be adding more as we get copies of them! Send us anything we don't have (or even things we didn't have before) so we can store then at Dropbox.

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Thank you!

Thank you so much to you and the team for doing an amazing job of recovering this information.

The following files were empty or had errors:

  • - AdventureHookJunction (folder empty)
  • - 2011-08-01-Planewalker-NPCList / 2011-08-01-Planewalker-NPCList (no data, only error info)
  • - 2011-08-01-Planewalker-Venues / Sigil Venues2 (no data, only error info)
  • - 2011-08-02-Planewalker-Sigil-ID-Maps / Sigil_ID.pdf and Sigil_Map2.pdf (unable to open, 1KB files)
  • - 20011-08-27-Planewalker-Godslist / GODSLIST (no data, only error info)
  • - 2008-07-04-Planewalker-EyeOfXaos (only first entry has info, rest are empty)
  • - 2011-01-01-Planewalker-Codex / (unable to open, 1KB file)
  • - 2012-02-03-Planewalker-Ortho / Ortho_9.Temples (appears to be missing info)
  • - 2008-07-04-Planewalker-Pronunciation / BAATEZU (could not play 1KB file, WAV file for this entrty was fine)
Thanks again for your amazing work!
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Thanks so much for this! Sci

Thanks so much for this!


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Yeah, thanks a lot Clueless!

Yeah, thanks a lot Clueless!
Is there anything else we can do?
Sadly there hasn't been much user-response in regards of the wiki.