Does every dead God become a God-Isle?

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Does every dead God become a God-Isle?

Generally, when Gods "die", their essence becomes a big rock in the Astral.

I'm wondering if this always happens every time, or if there are any exceptions.

1. The first scenario I wonder about is Mystaran Immortals. They aren't actually gods, although they are divine. I don't know just how powerful they get compared to true Gods. Unlike most true gods, Immortals begin their lives with ordinary mortal souls. When a Mystaran Immortal dies, would their divine essence also become an Astral rock, or would their soul go to an Outer Plane like a mortal's? Or both?

2. The second scenario is one where a god's divinity, powers, and portfolio are inherited by a successor. Apparently this happened with several Cerilian gods -- Basaia, Azrai, Reynir, Anduiras, etc. Eshowdow (in Faerun) also maybe got absorbed by Shar? I'm not sure what happened there. Tyche split in half, into two gods which I assume each inherited part of her divinity and portfolio. So, if the god's divinity and so forth get absorbed by another god or gods, is there anything left to form an Astral god-isle with?

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On the Second Point

I don't know about the Mystaran question but I would personally rule that if a culture has a legend/explanation for the death/new god transfer (e.g. the splitting of Tyche) then there would be no "body" on the Astral. But if a god of an old pantheon dies because of transfer of worshippers to a new pantheon or new god in the same pantheon, then the old god would manifest on the Astral.

I asked similar questions regarding the transfer of power from the Greek titans to the classical Greek gods. It always seemed to me that the titans should have dead bodies in the Astral in addition to the spiritual bodies that are trapped in Carceri (or elsewhere)