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Colothys Help (Carceri)

Hey guys, I'm currently running a campaign through Carceri and the players just entered the 4th layer, Colothys, a mountainous, treacherous, domain epitomized by soaring peaks and deadly falls. I am having a bit of trouble coming up with interesting encounters for the layer, as well as a way for players to travel from the Pearl they're in to the next one over.

Any ideas are welcome.


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Aerial predators that hunt

Aerial predators that hunt simply by diving into a bull rush to push groundbound prey off the tiny paths, to fall for great distances.

Tiny ledges are overbuilt with villages that constantly raid each other for the meager supplies that can be harvested from cliff-gripping plants or stolen from those atop the occasional plateau.

Grolantor (a hill giant god), Malar (a brutal god of hunting and weres), and the Titan Crius can be found here in their realms. Why doesn't he live on Mount Othrys with the rest of the Titans? Who knows?

You'd think the gorge bottoms would be safer to travel, but the player's guide only says that "bad things happen" to those that try to take that path.

There are rope bridges between the occasional mountains. It's not entirely clear who puts them up or maintains them. Perhaps your party can come across a bridge building crew, and find out who gets something out of this.

The orbs are pretty far apart on Colothys but the inter-orb space can be traversed in all the usual ways, to the best of my knowledge.

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As far as traveling between

As far as traveling between Carceri's orbs ("pearls" as you call them), there a few options:

(1) Conduits and portals do connect the orbs, though they're rare and well-kept secrets. Generally ones leading "upward toward the Astral" are located in the highest peaks, while those leading "downward toward deeper layers" are located in crevasses.

(2) Fly, if you're able.

(3) Ferrous Sled (2,000 gp), a one-man sled fashioned of lodestone specific to each layer, all you need to do is hop on and leap toward the orb you wish to reach, traversing the zero-gravity space in between. Landings, however, can be a bitc--yugoloth.

(4) Skin Balloon (1,000 gp), a two-man hot air balloon fashioned of the hides of Carceri's monsters. It'll get you across safely, but its vulnerable to puncture and some monsters don't take kindly to planewalkers waltzing about in the skin of their cousins.

(5) Spinneret (150 gp), a coil of ultra-light tightly woven silk 100-ft long, designed to catch the winds that buffet between the orbs of Carceri. Only downside is, you're pretty much at the mercy of the winds as to where you'll end up.

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You could also include

You could also include Mercykillers/Hardheads from the Vault, where the Factions of Law send those they want to go missing from the streets of the Cage.

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You could also include severe

You could also include severe weather. Heavy winds can batter the party and throw debris at them. Rains can make the going slick and difficult. Unexpected lightning strikes can make the party use up resources. Flash floods can make the going difficult or impossible, forcing the party to choose a different route.

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Colothys help


Fiendish animals (mountain goats, chimerae, wyverns, harpies, giant eagles)

Little-known branches of the River Styx or other infernal rivers might flow from orb to orb, winding between planes before emerging from a cave on another orb far away, or cascade between orbs as great waterfalls.

Near the realm of the titan, a shattered fragment of Mount Olympus, its connection to other planes now tenuous and fragile.

Squads of tanar'ri and baatezu mapping out portals to use in Blood War invasions; the PCs could make use of these portals themselves if they can get past the fiends.

The theme of the plane is betrayal; treacherous acts can help the PCs go further and descend deeper into the plane.

The other theme of the plane is imprisonment; things might be locked away in Carceri other than mortals, gods, and monsters. Imprisoned ideas, imprisoned laws of nature that precede the modern ones, imprisoned worlds, imprisoned universes.

Airships. Spelljammers.

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How about Odopis? They are

How about Odopis? They are pretty much Colothys' signature monster