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Can't reply to ANY post?

I can't reply to the "Random question - Tu'narath" post, the "Can't reply to a post" post, or the "Thread for collecting changes in 5e from established Planescape lore" post.

Replies may be globally broken? I haven't seen ANYONE reply to a thread for quite a while now :(

Edit: Looks like I CAN edit this post.

In case this doesn't get corrected soon, my intended reply is:

Huh, that's a really good question. But as far as I know, it was never elaborated upon. The Guide to the Astral just says "It's build upon the body of an unnamed god, said to have been aeons-dead when even the githyanki came to the plane."

If I were to invent something for a home campaign, I would probably tie the god to the illithid eimpire in some way. Either as the remains of a god slain by the illithids, or as a remnant of some other empire from even deeper in the past than the illithids.

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Follow up

I almost didn't read this since I assumed it was technical problem post.

I never considered the idea of the illithids having killed a god.

Randomly thinking of variations, I just thought of the illithids possibly being the output of the dead god. Whereas Zeus had a headache that split open to reveal Athena, imagine a god (of mental power/psionics) getting a Far Realm infection and dying. Then his head bursts to release the brain maggots that we now call the illithid that then spread throughout the multiverse