Planes Leaking Into The Prime

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Planes Leaking Into The Prime

So, I am working on a few different campaign settings of my own, and one of them has a section that has been taken over by Arawn, the Celtic god of the Underworld. So this region, which expands or contracts its borders depending on his level of influence, fades into his Outer Planar realm. The it is still part of the Prime Material Plane, but the deeper you go into it, the more like his domain it becomes. At some point you take a step too far and leave the Prime without even noticing it.

So, what kinds of effects and encounters should character run into while travelling there? What hazards should there be? Any specific NPCs based on Celtic lore who should be there? I am open to suggestions...

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Which Direction?

I guess the first thing to ask is what you think of when picturing the Celtic underworld. Are you thinking of a land of languishing dead like the Grey Wastes or something truer to Celtic myth which generally viewed the afterlife in positive terms?
If you embrace the positive Tir naNog (Land of Youth) take, the encounters would be more inspired by Feywild/Elysium themes (I personally placed the island that King Arthur was sent when he died and sailed off on the plane of Elysium).

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I think this is an

I think this is an interesting question, and I don't necessarily think it's either/or. There can be a fey quality to it, maybe a Dark Souls type land that seems empty save for spirits and fey. But even the fey might be of the dead as well rather than the living.

Perhaps the dead and living co-exist at these boundaries. Admittedly it's been some time since I read On Hallowed Ground, which I think gave Arawn a realm of some sort...maybe mix in that place's characteristics.