Pathfinder: Circumscribing the Locust Part V

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Mahdev emerged from the cave, and while the sun of this world - or any mortal world for that matter - paled before the Light of Heaven, he squinted and looked down. He was not struck by the brightness, but by his own sense of shame and his fear that Her watchful gaze would look into his own starfire blues and know.
Head still lowered, the archon spread his wings and took to the air, getting almost a mile away before beginning the midair dry heaving of one who does not need to eat. These filth and their rituals. To feed their god's monstrous servants was one thing, but the enjoyment they took in the preparation - how could they stand to skin the poor things alive? His hand had grown white clutching his sword hilt, all his will bent against the desire to cleanse.
Needs must. Mahdev reminded himself, recalling the necessity of what he and his fellow angelic survivors sought from the cultists and their master. Let it be devoured, this world is not fit to rest in the Void. Surely that ever birthing fissure in the distance was proof of that? They called it the World Wound, treating as scarring from the Other what he knew was simply further evidence of inherent corruption.
Nay, not Wound but Womb. Unless destroyed truly far worse than demons will be born of it.

Raised by Others of the deep, in a pit beyond even the churning Abyss,  in this place Man had taken the glyph language of the aboleths and made it their own. Syntax and semantics were recast so that what was the vast nigthmare of cosmic evil became something far more familar to mortals. The Sin Magic of Thassilon was distilled, and from that youthful corruption came the runic chains that had bound Mahdev and his siblings for an Age. Soaked in sin until the Starstone rendered its judgement.
As I left, finally able to return to paradise, I saw the sky painted dark until it matched this world's hearts.
Only later would I come to realize this world had stained my own heart with its colors, that even unbound I am never to be free.

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