Hollowness of Evil

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Evil is emptiness, the blockade against the heart to love. Pascal once said (iirc) that mortals seek to distract themselves from an existential void, but how much more so must be for the fiends. I see tanar'ri using passion to drive away thoughts of evil's inability to bring any true happiness, baatezu rigidly fortressing their minds to keep the truth of their position - even if they win they've lost - from themselves, and finally the yugoloths enslaving themselves with the ultimate falseness of any religion that promotes suffering of others.

Guess only the 'leths are happy...kidding! kidding!

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But can you truly say that

But can you truly say that the concept of "Good" can bring you happiness? Many is the palladin or devoted priest who's life has simply been a hollow shell held up as an example of righteousness. Can these be held up as models of happiness?

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Everything in moderation I

Everything in moderation I suppose.

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