4eMotP 1st glance: Passable Introduction, not much here for long time PS fans

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Essentially there isn't much more to say. To no one's surprise, I didn't like it.

Strangely enough, the information in Gods and Monsters covered a lot of what is in here. Yes, there is more detail, but it still feels as though everything presented is largely a surface level glance. I thought that there would be a lot that would irk me, but really it was just dull and sparked no emotions at all.

There are nods to the Great Wheel as an example cosmo, and even a mention of spelljammers. Beyond that the planes are laid out in an organized, if cursory, manner. Was it just me, or were there a few too many mazes and underdark type lands? I was suprised how short this felt with its enlarged font, every preceding planar supplement of comparable cost had way higher bang/buck ratios.

The art was perhaps the biggest disappointment, as even the disaster that was the 4e FR guide had two amazing spreads. I can only think of maybe one piece of art that would excite me and even that's a stretch. The Blood War gets resurrected (wasn't it supposedly a drag on plot opportunities?Money mouth) and Shemmy makes an appearance as a race that seemed to be ad libbed in just for her sake.

Perhaps a detailed look at Feywild/Shadowfell sections will change my mind but I saw little there initially to give such hope.

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