Catnip, Not Just For Cats

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An accident brought to light something I'd never had the chance to really test before tonight.  You see I got rather buzzed on catnip tonight.  Entirely by accident, I smashed the can I keep for my cats over and had to scrape it out of the carpet.  Thing is since I was basically on hands and knees scraping it out of the carpet manually that took a while.  And the longer I was at it the more lightheaded and "buzzed" I got, kind of mildly euphoric and giddy.  On that vein I'll relate that when I first was exposed to marijuana on a school bus (not smoking one of the kids had a baggy and was showing it to friends) I thought it was catnip until he told me otherwise because it smelled so similar and its scent had the same qualities I'd known in catnip since I was a kid.  

Am I the only one with this experience here?

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No wonder the Cat Lord

No wonder the Cat Lord always seem relaxed. I always thought the state of the Prime Material's strays should bother her more...Wink


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