Raven and His Echo

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Shortly after the world‘s first dawn, Raven was fleeing the wrath of Nascakiyetl, from whom he had stolen the sun, the moon, and the stars. He made to fly into a region of tall mountains.

“Be careful,” warned Heron, who was very wise. “The terrain there is very tricky.”

“Caw!” Raven exclaimed scornfully. “I am the greatest of tricksters! I have stolen the sun, the moon, and the stars! None can out-swindle Raven!”

“Hey!” he yelled into the steep valley. “I am Raven! I will trick you before you trick me!”

“Hey!” called another voice from within. “I am Raven!


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[Intermediate power - The Endless Fight, The Senseless Death]
Copyright © 2000 by Antonio Jose Blasco Lopez



AoC: Fight without a reason, wars, corruption, bloodlust

Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/Agathion/Frozen Realm

Symbol: a dagger over a pool of blood.

The history of Rencilla is buried under the millennia that had passed and the spells of enemy powers.

Ergosal, The Betrayer

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Ergosal: The Betrayer (Demi-God) If you find someone who claims to hold the true tale of how this god came to his power, take it with a grain of sand. It's seems this god has managed to cloak his origin in the dark, and seeks to keep it that way.

Lualyrr, the Hand-Maiden

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Luallyr: The Hand-Maiden (Demi-Goddess) Of all the new drow gods, her story of elevation is the most commonly known. She was among the most powerful of Yochlol before Lolth elevated her to Demi-godhood. And the tales insist that only by Lolth's grace does she remain a goddess. She works hard to maintain Lolth's grace, using her priesthood as tools to root out threats inside drow cities against Lolth, and against her own small priesthood.

Ma'azbert, the Filthy One

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Ma'azbert: The Filthy One (Demi-Goddess) Exactly how Ma'azbert came to be is unknown. It is said that she was a minor goddess from a far world. When the number of her worshippers was decimated she fled that world, and reached the abyss, and there began to recruit new followers from among the drow of other worlds. Some legends hint that Lolth herself has bound her to her previous world, but in the chaos of the destruction of her followers she managed to escape those bonds.

The Great Lord

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Since a few years Sigil-time, more and more talk about a new Abyssal lord comes from chant-mongers in the Cage and elsewhere. Most just call him "The Great Lord", and the darks told usually contradict each other heavily - yet it's possible they are all true. Rumours have it The Great Lord is not a "normal" Abyssal Lord - if you can consider any Abyssal Lord "normal" - but the combined belief of a whole bunch of Abyssal Princes, rulers of palaces and fortresses in the Abyss' first layer.

Daermon, Lord of Nightmares

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Daermon is one of those powerful fiends who have made the transition to godhood. From the start he stayed away from the Blood War, and though it is unknown exactly what type of fiend he was, some sages speculate he was likely some kind of a tanar'ri.

The Planescape Survival Guide - Aoskar

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The Sigil Daily News presents... the Planescape Survival Guide, for berks, clueless, and even true cutters everywhere!Entry #2... Aoskar, God of PortalsFrom the Planescape Survival Guide

Urban Planescape: Urban Gods

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DeferoGreater Deity Lawful Neutral "You've got mail!" Portfolio: Communication, Information, Knowledge, Collective Thinking. Domains: Community, Knowledge.


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- a forgotten realms/planescape approach. Updated for new site layout.


The Lord of Evil, Defiler of the Dead, Outcast of the Gods, Lord of Carrion, Father of Jackals, Brother of Serpents, King of Malice

Intermediate/Greater Power
Holy Symbol: Coiled Cobra
Home Plane/Realm: Baator-Stygia/Ankhwugat-The Black Pyramid
Alignment: Lawful evil
Aliases: Sseth (and all his aspects like Merrshaulk, Ssharstrune; see Serpent Kingdoms)
Portfolio: desert, destruction, drought , storms, night, rot, jackals, snakes, poison, hate, betrayal, ambition, murder, evil magic

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