Sergeant Glarr of the Sigil City Guard

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I thought up of Sergeant Glarr as a NPC with which to introduce new-characters, mostly Primes (though not necessary) to Sigil and show that stereotypes like half-orcs being emotional savages don't really always apply on the Planes.

Maltheniir, Tiefling Bard

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"Even I can't make Thingol laugh. I've tried. But I can make Thingol feel, and that's a damn sight more than any of you poseurs have ever done."

-- Maltheniir, tiefling bard

Ah, Maltheniir. Born with the voice, he was. Someone or something blessed him with a true bard's voice at his birth. Incredible vocal range on that cutter... How the worst slums of Torch spawned a voice like that I'll never know. If he hadn't had it he'd have ended up as a low-life thug, or some such. The slums of Karal are very hard.

Bubbling Tortoise

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Being a description of a gnome native to the Bottomless Deep, his craft, and the bloods and/or addle-coved sods in his company.

Comdo Corkstopper (Pl/ ♂ gnome/ Exp 10/ Frat. of Order/ NG) says he was born in the City of Glass and later orphaned when his parents, explorers themselves, left on an expedition to examine a portal rumored to connect the Bottomless Deep to the Treasure Trove. Of course they got lost and he never saw ‘em again. Corkstopper’s spent his life exploring Water and the chant is he’s searchin’ for his long lost loved ones.

Speaker of Balance- Fiendish Aasimar Monk

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Born from an illicit liason between his half Archon mother and a Tiefling father, Speaker of Balance has felt the pull of two worlds since his birth. He knows little of his family as he was left on the doorstep of an obscure monastery in Limbo shortly after birth. There he was raised by an order of human monks until his fourteenth year.

Perspectives from Steampunk Sigil: of Airships and Air Genasi (Part I)

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Sparks cascaded like falling meteors onto the floating pathfinder crystal. Rysse gritted her teeth and hissed a barbed curse. The tiefling pulled herself up from under the command console to inspect the damage. A long shard of heated metal lay embedded in the oscillating containment field. Nothing too serious if solved quickly. Rysse wiped her oil-stained hands on her dark leather jerkin. Everything was slippery. She had been busy maintaining the joints of the planar sextant fitted to the pathfinder crystal and the last thing she needed was a fire inside the navigation room.

King Cub

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King Cub is a Wemic born to a roving tribe deep within Krigala, the first layer of the beastlands. He left his homeland young, and wandered into the Outlands, where he was soon captured by slavers. However, he escaped inprisonment and slew his captors. He was ever afterward and enemy of any kind of slavers, sometimes going as far as the inner planes, where he associated with the Order of Broken Chains.

A Tiefling's Diary (Extract)

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Extracts from the memetic diary of Bryseis, known as “Rysse”, tiefling machinist – published in “Voices from the Hive” Issue 2, Revolution 12, Cycle 4.

Grey Sigil morning. The rain hits the panes like a Stygian drum. I have to start stocking up on food on my day off. The larder is sad and lonely and empty. A sodding void – so I finish off a half-bottle of Dispater-label firewater and pretend it's breakfast.

If I finally decide to buy food, I might as well remember to find a new tint of horn polish.

Kaolin Moly Mu of Stray Manor

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Standing just over seven feet tall this odd priestess from the Prime Material has set up shop with her household in the Lady's Ward in the former Guvvner's mansion now known as Stray Manor.

Sporting gliding membranes that stretch from wrist to ankle, and a thick coat of orange fur the most clothing she generally wears is a simple tabbard with the symbol of the Planewalker's Guild on it. When she extends her arms it is easy to see the twin Celestian holy symbols tattooed on her gliding membranes.

The Misfits

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The Misfits “We Go Where Evil Dares!”

Violetta, The Masked Bard (Prime, Helbred F, Bard/Wilder): Found on the streets of Dragon Rock and taken in by one of Lucille’s Girls she has been building a rep as a budding virtuoso. She has teamed up with the others while she tries to discover who she was prior to being reborn as a Helbred.

The Inhabitants of Stray Manor, Lady's Ward

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According to the lies they tell when bubbed, the Seven Stars gained possession of Stray Manor from the Lady herself. Obviously they were addlepated during that ruckus months back, they all have the overconvinced glare of the barmy about them. What ruckus? The one where some bubbers and clueless swore they saw an actual Power in Sigil, when it was actually just some vicious arcane storms. Everybody knows Powers cannot enter The Cage, especially third rate Powers like Vecna... -Silvar the Bowseller, Market Ward

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