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Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
Oh, how I wish he'd go away.

Ever met someone in a dream who was both there and not? Those were these people. The interfae exist only as interference patterns of identity that occur when two dreamscapes brush against each other.

The Consumers of Knowledge

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Math and Mechanus VI: Sets as Monsters

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Math and Mechanus IV: Funxions

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Legends speak of a group of marraenoloths who, tainted by the greed of their race, sought to find the Axioms and use an artifact in their possession to usurp their power. Somehow, these planar travelers managed to find the hidden kingdom of the Axioms who emerged from their immaculate dwellings of perfect geometries. Upon seeing the indescribable beauty of those who are Foundation of All Things, the marraenoloths surrended without a battle and begged only to serve.


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With a rending gnashing sound the great beast turns an insectile head towards your party, before diving into the ground beneath your feet. A sudden sound of vaccume and wind rushes past as you stare into the void of another plane, the tail end of the segmented worm writhing in the distance.

The Pandemonium Shrieking Toad

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There is a large frog-like creature the size of a cat sitting in the corridor ahead of you. As it notices you it begins to inhale, swelling rapidly and disturbingly. . . Tiny Magical Beast

The Planescape Survival Guide - Beholders

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Planescape Survival Guide (the handy-dandy guide, not the comic ) #1, Beholders:

Planescape Survival Guide
(the handy-dandy guide, not the comic )
#1, Beholders:

Monster Class: Couatl

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RefWillSkill Points
Special 1st1d8+1+2

Hu Xian Fox Spirit

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Not really directly related to Planescape but in one my articles about the Istaritu I referred to a creature known as a Hu Xian, as one of the NPCs was one. Anyways I have stats of these lying around for a while. I updated them a bit, to see if the *New* stat format they're using is any good.This is actually a conversion of an old D&D monster...HU XIAN


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Blazon - " . . . is an animate burning rock about six inches across that avoids all beings larger than it. " - Monstrous Compendium, Appendix III

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