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The Company of Burning Blood

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"Cutter, if I were to give you only one bit of advice about the Company of Burning Blood, it would be this: Avoid them. Some things are too sodding blood-crazed barmy to mess with. I don't care how much of an evil piker some berk thinks he is, Burning Blood's more sodding depraved than him. Paladin of blazing holiness who can't abide a multiverse with them in it? Too bad. They drank the blood of your divine patron for breakfast. Understand?

Fine... Be that way. Yes, that symbol, the bloody teardrop with the orange flame 'round it, that's theirs.

The Festival of Maiming

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Die Vecna Die! mentions "A week-long festival, sure to be reenacted on a regular basis." As far as I know, this has never been developed further.

I suggest that this week is celebrated in Mortis, one of the final months of Sigil's Calendar, and that it's called the Festival of Maiming. Named for the Maimed God, this is a celebration of the time Vecna was cast out of the City of Doors, and the multiverse was saved from his meddling.

The Company of the Horned Hand

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"Not nearly enough, cutter. The Company of the Horned Hand, you say? Cross my palm with a heap o' jink, and maybe I'll spill dark."

"Aye, that'll do. Blood War company. Loth sponsored. Even though every last one of them is at least part mortal, even their leader. Not that they don't fight alongside fiends all the time, it's just that fiends are associates, not members. Members are mainly part-breeds and tiefers and such, all sorts, though they've got a bunch of other races, too. Humans, part-breeds like half-elves, giths.

On the history of Planar Common

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(note that in the following essay, I'm making a lot of things up - I'm not attempting to stick to what is known in canon)

The issue here is Planar Common, the dominant language in the City of Doors and other human-dominated planewalker communities on the planes. Where did it come from?

The Planewalker's Handbook (page 101) said that Planar Common descends from the Prime Common tongue, brought to the planes by prime explorers. In fact, it says "the earliest planar settlers from the Prime," which suggests that this couldn't possibly be the modern Common Tongue of Toril or Oerth or Krynn.

Lady's Sharper Eye, Issue 5 -

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Hear ye and eyeball this, cutters!

Brand new news about the Blood War and the Shadow! Get the darks you need to plan your next trip to the Planes! The Lady's Sharper Eye is still only two stingers, but tip the paper-boy a green or two, willya?

Sigil Identities I: Quéssā and Half-Elven pride

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Quéssā [ kwEH-hsaah; etym: probably corruption of Quessir (people) in Faerunian High Elven or h'quhs (bawdy or irreverent speech) in Oeridian Wood Elven (disputed)]


Sigismund Pandulf v. Dassau (Ed.) Subcultures and Counter-Cultures in Contemporary Sigil 6th Ed., Baying Arcanoloth Press

PW Manager on The Nerd Report this Thursday

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Greetings Cutters!

Your humble servant and Planewalker Manager Loki De Carabas will be appearing on The Nerd Report with Emily and Sabrina – Thursday, July 16th, 2009 at 3:00pm Pacific – on the Small Plate Radio Network.

I'll be joined by Nicholas DiPetrillo, the columnist in charge of nerd watching and community manager behind http://www.DungeonMastering.com

An Interview with the Creators of Nobis, a New Campaign Setting for v.3.5

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"Imagine a world that has begun to cast off the yoke of monarchy, a world where the old ways are slipping into memory and a new era of enlightenment is dawning. Knowledge spreads like wildfire, commerce and democracy take root. Thousands upon thousands gravitate to massive City-States, towering metropolises that cast long shadows across the face of the earth. Once jealously guarded arcane secrets are now available on every corner, and the very fabric of the universe succumbs to the inevitable march of progress. Imagine the world of Nobis."

Volume 2, Issue 4 : "We're Sorry, Estavan"

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Newsboy-LSE"Hear ye, berks and cutters! I have here a new issue of the Lady's Sharper Eye - 2 stingers and all the latest dark of the Cage at ye fingertips and on your tounge! Get yer copy! Get two copies! Share with your friends! Today's news: We're Sorry - we didn't mean to say Estavan is a Punk - Merely a Reprobate! Also - Planes Shifting - World May be Ending... Again!"

Githyanki Martial Tradition – Part 2. Innate Psionics

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“I had my eyes trained on the gith, but somehow I still didn’t see him coming. I was dead certain my aim would strike true, but it seemed like my sight did not relay the information to my sword arm. Then I stumbled over nothing, my focus blurred, and suddenly my blood was all over his blade. Last thing I remember was yielding.”

- Noel, recently resurrected planewalker

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