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Math and Mechanus VII: More items

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Math and Mechanus V: The Amulets of Sets

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These magical items, which range in power from minor trinkets to powerful artifacts, are usable only by members of the Geometer prestige class from Complete Arcane. In your own game you may wish to make them available to Guvners, or other classes as appropriate.

Math and Mechanus III: A sea, a hand bag, a prophet

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Zahlen, the Sea of light, darkness, and void

Even on the Plane of Law, a god can die. However, the thought of crumbling edifices is anethma to the mediators who regulate the plane. However, the lingering power of a god leaves evidence of its passing all the same for even the mediators have limits to their power.

Guantlet of Entropic Grasp

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This black metal guantlet, prized by Doomguard everywhere, looks like it has been splashed with acid. Once per day, the Gauntlet of Entropic Grasp can accelerate the already present entropy in a dying creature (one that has -1 or fewer hit points). This effect mimics the death knell spell, killing the target and granting the wearer 1d8 temporary hit points, a +2 enchancement bonus to Strength, and a +1 effective caster level; thse bonuses last for 10 minutes per HD of the dying target.

Shadowsight Goggles

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The lenses of these googles are tinted a light blue, and are held in place by a brass frame with a leather strap. When worn, the wearer can see normally in darkness and magical darkness out to 30 feet. These goggles are of great tactical advantage when used in combination with a Darkness or Deeper Darkness spell, creating a situation where only you can see.

Detection Stone

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This small, blue stone feels cold to the touch, and seems to be just a pretty rock.But when held and the command word spoken alound, it allows the user to cast Detect Magic at will. Type Minor Wonderous Item Market Value: 1000 Craft Level: 7 Craft Prerequisites: Creation Cost: 500 gp 40xp Weight :-

Demon Bowls

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Vanquished are the black arts and mighty spells.Vanquished the bewitching demons,they, their witchery and their spells,their curses and their invocations,and kept away from the four walls of the house of Bahram-Gushnasp, the son of Ishtar-Hahid.Vanquished and trampled down are the bewitching demons -- vanquished on earth and vanquished in heaven.Vanquished are their constellations and stars.Bound are the works of their hands.

Helm of the Dabus

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HELM OF THE DABUS [Wondrous Item]

Tattoo of The Soul

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This major tattoo increases the wearer's intuition and understanding. The tattoo must be worn on the head, and grants a +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom.By: Matti KiviharjuImported from a previous version of Type Wonderous Item, Magical Market Value: 16,000 gp Craft Level: - Craft Prerequisites: Creation Cost: 8,000 gp, 640 xp Weight :0

Shifters Manacles

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These manacles are made by the mages of the Mercykiller faction, to prevent berks who can planeshift or teleport from simply shifting out of the Prison. The manacles are big and heavy and don't shrink or grow to fit the being wearing them, but the Mercykillers have lots of them lying around in Sigil so they can always find a pair that'll fit. The metal of the manacles is enchanted to resist rust and magic, so a captive cannot break out by either means; further, they are also specially enchanted to resist psionics.

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