Roads of Light and Dark

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The Roads of Light and Dark: These are transitive paths that celestials and fiends can create with great effort to link their plane with a mortal world. Mortals end up walking into soft points such as crossroads and places where the nature of a plane has been readily taken up by mortals.

Gloom Boxes

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Here's an idea I wrote for Shadowfell, could work with Hades or the Plane of Shadow:

The Gloom Boxes: The Gloom Boxes are a collective term for the jails, asylums, and most unfortunately orphanages and refugee camps that simultaneously exist in the world and in the emotionally draining glooms of the Shadowfell. Designed to make the charges within their confines more tractable, many of these facilities are now haunted ruins left in disrepair.

Abattoir, City of Corruption and Hunger

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City of Corruption and Hunger

In the badlands of Avernus where the River Styx first flows into Baator from Gehenna lies a sprawling metropolis of monolithic factories and elegant mansions as well as crumbling tenements and narrow alleyways filled to overflowing with homeless dregs.

A titanic sculpture—or possibly a natural formation, or even a petrified fiend or forgotten god—looms over one side of the city, resembling an enormously fat humanoid, its features so weathered that it's no longer clear whether the points on its head are ears or horns or both.

Prime Trinkets

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A few blocks from the Grand Bazaar is a small, mundane-looking curiosity shop that sells, sure enough, trinkets from the Prime Material Plane (Leave it to a prime to give such an obvious name to his shop!). Despite common sense, Prime Trinkets does attract enough customers to keep it in business; patrons include adventurers seeking gate-keys to specific prime worlds, Sensates seeking to sate their curiosity, wizards seeking spell components, and (of course) Outsiders seeking reminders of home.

Going Up and Going Down

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Points Above and Below

being a compilation of answers to the curiosities of planeswalkers who wonder what lies above and below the typically-settled portions of the Outer Planes

compiled at the request of the Fraternity of Order


Zzing, xorn late of the Plane of Earth,


Elenya Ihaha, avariel late of Jhankal (Beastlands)


Humanoids, as the numerous races are called for whom humanity is widely regarded as the tabula rasa, tend to be air-breathing, land-bound bipeds without ability to transit through other solids.

Bostan, the Botanical Sphere

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About a days march from any of the quasi elemental palens borders in the core positive direction, you will come across a sphere, approximately 10 miles in diameter, of a strange, tinted Acheronean Glass. Within the blinding light of the Positive Energy Plane, it only helps you see the inside better: Huge floating forests.

Seeds to trees to flowers to fruits; Winter to Spring to Summer to Fall; the passage of seasons in a single day.

Paraelemental Plane of Magma, Derived From the 3.0 Rules of Planar Construction

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It is a cauldron of boiling stone.
It is a place of wastelands.
It is a plane of death and renewal.
It is the child of Earth and Fire.

At its heart, the Paraelemental Plane of Magma is a molten sea of rock. This primordial soup is the closest a mortal can get to the heart of a Material Plane world. Few things last long on a plane where worlds themselves are reduced to a roiling ocean by the power of this plane.
There is a sky above the bottomless depth of the great sea, albeit one choked with liquefied rock, volcanic gasses and pillars of fire.

Paraelemental Plane of Ice, Derived From the 3.0 Rules of Planar Construction

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It is a solid mass of ice harder than stone.
It is as unforgiving as a bitter heart.
It is the freezing grip of deepest winter a thousandfold.
It is the offspring of Air and Water.

The Paraelemental Plane of Ice is a solid plane, consisting of a core of solid ice with few natural pockets and crevices. Liquids freeze, ice freezes, breath freezes, even thoughts freeze.

Perspectives from Steampunk Sigil: of Airships and Air Genasi (Part I)

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Sparks cascaded like falling meteors onto the floating pathfinder crystal. Rysse gritted her teeth and hissed a barbed curse. The tiefling pulled herself up from under the command console to inspect the damage. A long shard of heated metal lay embedded in the oscillating containment field. Nothing too serious if solved quickly. Rysse wiped her oil-stained hands on her dark leather jerkin. Everything was slippery. She had been busy maintaining the joints of the planar sextant fitted to the pathfinder crystal and the last thing she needed was a fire inside the navigation room.

A Tiefling's Diary (Extract)

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Extracts from the memetic diary of Bryseis, known as “Rysse”, tiefling machinist – published in “Voices from the Hive” Issue 2, Revolution 12, Cycle 4.

Grey Sigil morning. The rain hits the panes like a Stygian drum. I have to start stocking up on food on my day off. The larder is sad and lonely and empty. A sodding void – so I finish off a half-bottle of Dispater-label firewater and pretend it's breakfast.

If I finally decide to buy food, I might as well remember to find a new tint of horn polish.

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