Ravnos Baneseek Tiefling

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Caster's plate

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This armor is a series of light plates connected by links. The arms are unprotected to enable easy casting. A cloak is worn under the armor as chainmail would be to restrictive. instead of plates on the legs the plates on the chest continue to the middle of the lower leg on the back and front of the aromer. It also includes greaves and a helmet. (optional)it requires a dc 22 craft check to make normal armor and a dc 27 check to make masterwork armor

Bariaur Padded Armour

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Padded armour sized for bariaur charactersBy: James O'Rance

Behir Half-Plate

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Half-Plate Armor made from the scales of a Behir (see MM p.24). By: Devon Barlow

Bone Armour of Gorr

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It is rare to find a truly evil bariaur; by and large the race are at least neutral, and largely goodly creatures. Of course, as with all rules there are exceptions, and Gorr the Bloodthirster was definitely an exception. Gorr was a powerful priest of the Abyssal powers, renowned and feared for his brutality and evil.

Bariaur Leather Armour

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Leather armour sized for bariaur charactersBy: James O'Rance

Behir Full Plate

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Full Plate Armor made from the scales of a Behir (see MM p.24). By: Devon Barlow

Gronk Hide Armour

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Gronks are big, tough and stubborn creatures that roam the Outlands; their hide is prized as excellent material for making hide armour and tough clothing, though killing a gronk in the first place to obtain the hide can be tough.By: Christopher Allen

Bariaur Studded Leather

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Studded leather sized for bariaur charactersBy: James O'Rance

Plate Mail of Malkor The Gifted

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The Enchanter known as Malkor created this unique set of armor. While Malkor was not the most talented armor enchanter on the Great Road, he had the ability to work with any form of being. This ability led him to being a valuable ally in the Blood War. This armor, made a few centuries ago, was lost during the creation of the Slags in Sigil. It is very quickly identified by the large script "M" on the breastplate. By: Josh Rintamaki

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