The Ascendancy

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Many githyanki are lost without a Lich Queen to guide them. She was their revered ancestor, ruler, god-head, hero, and matron. She was also a cruel mistress who demanded total loyalty and obedience. Githyanki society held the Queen’s “final honor” as the true mark of success. If a githyanki conquered all foes and was a success in life, they were called before the Lich Queen for their living essences to be consumed in her quest for greater power. Most githyanki did so willingly without question.

Adventure Hook Junction I

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Happy Holidays!


Here's to hoping all of you have found yourselves surrounded by friends and family this season! I and my bevy of mephit assistants present to you:

Adventure Junction I.

Our first compilation of 100 plot hooks and campaign seeds.

3.5ed Update to The Deva Spark

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These updates are my own personal attempts to update the 2nd ed. Planescape Adventures to 3.5 ed. Some feats, skills, or rules are borrowed from the Planescape 3.5 ed. Project at, and some creature stats are taken from the PSMC 3.5.

Desire and the Dead

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Desire and the Dead is a Planescape adventure for a party of four to six adventurers who are of levels 1 to 3. In which the party is hired to protect a neighborhood only to find themselves under the shadow of three factions, and caught in the bloody aftermath. (4/28/08)

The Social Contract

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This adventure hook can be played at two levels, with varying amounts of control afforded the PCs. A low-level group with some individuals associated with mercantile interests, or some lawful or good organization, may be simply hired on or ordered to support the mission. For them this adventure will mostly be responding to events.

Burial Rights

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Known facts: Ribcage is attached to the Mountains of the Spine -- the spine being
toward Baator. There is a line of previous gate-towns inside Baator, which have added to the size of the plane. The one before Ribcage is called Darkspine. Ribcage itself looks a lot like a ribcage. The core conceit of this adventure: What if it is one?

Valentine's Day

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(A lighthearted, short adventure for a small party of low-level characters with dark overtones: Dustmen, undead, lawful evil or neutral evil characters who might be found near Hopeless, servants of deities with death in the portfolio, or the like.)

The Rise and Fall of Anarchy

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Anarchy Rising

The Visions of Draghnogh

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The following texts were found within the same library, looted from a burned out city within the 458th layer of the Abyss. The remains of the library were transported to Automata for further study under the command of Guvner Stilt Dorm, who funded the mission. These two disparate texts were found to exhibit a high probability of relation, and therefore are presented side by side for your examination.Excerpt from the ancient tome "A History of Abyssal Emperors"

The Lying Rain

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In the Abyss, you expect the nature to be hostile and strange. Flesh-eating cobble stones, soil that slowly dissolves you while you walk on it, acidic rain - none of these are too surprising in the Abyss.

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