Sergeant Glarr of the Sigil City Guard

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I thought up of Sergeant Glarr as a NPC with which to introduce new-characters, mostly Primes (though not necessary) to Sigil and show that stereotypes like half-orcs being emotional savages don't really always apply on the Planes. Clueless characters will sooner or later do something stupid and get themselves arrested for one thing or another, at which point it would be good to have them brought to Glarr who'll explain to them what's cool and what's not, hopefully also providing a NPC the PCs can keep in touch with trough the campaign.

Appearance: Glarr looks like your average half-orc, if there even is such a thing. His lower jaw juts out and has a thick, sharp look to it, his brows are heavy and leaning forward, his eyes black. He usually wears his hair very closely cropped and has been sporting a short goatee for the last couple of decades, both of which are starting to look more gray then black lately. When on duty he's dressed in the usual City Guard uniform, and when off-duty (as rarely as that happens) he just wears the brown shirt and slacks anyway, along with his chainmail and a cape, preferring to keep his plate-mail at home. He never goes anywhere without his short sword though.

Personality: While he usually looks frowning, that's mostly due to the bone structure of his face. Glarr is almost always calm, rarely allowing himself to show any outbursts of extreme emotion. He doesn't show much compassion with people arrested for something serious like a murder, but tends to be gentle with people who have been arrested only for minor infringements or are obviously resorting to crime out of necessity.

Backstory: Sergeant Glarr of The Red Mountain (Sergeant Glarr, or "sir" for short) is not what most picture when they think of the average half-orc.

Born on some small Prime world, Glarr was the only child of an orc father and a human mother, both part of the Red Mountain Clan, a semi-nomadic tribe that traveled in the skirts of the mountain that gives them their name, having decided to shun the modernization of the world's society.

At the age of 14, when chasing a deer for that night's meal, he ran trough a portal formed between two crossed trees and ended up in the Outlands. With no apparent way back the young Glarr wandered the Outlands, soon falling in with a tribe of orcs traveling towards Rigus so they can join the endless war on Acheron. In the city he found himself in the company of a Mercykiller Justiciar on the hunt for her prey. The passion the Justiciar displayed in pursuing her charge quickly won it's way into his impressionable young mind. She showed him a portal to Sigil and told him how to apply to join the Mercykillers. He followed her advice and was soon working in the City Prison, taking care of prisoners and working as a guard on the prison grounds.

Despite the distastes his parents had for cities and the modern way of people living in there, Glarr felt right at home. He got in quite a few scrapes on the sigilian streets, often in defense for the philosophy of his faction.

Years later though, Glarr would have been almost unrecognizable to his younger self. Becoming a lot more calmer with age, and being a lot wiser in the way the Planes turn, he was in his prime, and still enjoying the simple act of bringing justice to the unjust.

When the Faction War shook the City of Doors, Glarr was right in the middle of it, not fighting, but trying to keep things into any semblance of order. As the war ended and the factions were forced to disband their official positions in the city, Glarr found himself factionless. He couldn't stomach the needless violence of the Sodkillers, and he was now too grown up and had seen too much to truly believe in the romantic (At least to him) views of the Sons of Mercy. However, he found his salvation in the forming of the Sigil City Guard.

Signing up almost immediately, his level-headed (but still strong-armed) approach quickly raised him trough the ranks to his current position of sergeant. Having no wife or children, he has devoted almost all of his time to help keep the Sigil streets clean as much as that could be done. In the last year or so, he seems to have found his niche in dealing with Primes. Coming from the Prime himself, he often knows how to deal with wide-eyed Clueless who have ended up in a scrap, usually due to having no idea what they did wrong. Almost every day the guards bring another bunch of Clueless who ended up jumping a tan'nari or a baatazu and had to be dragged off for the safety of their own skin. He tries to explain to them the way things are as much as he can, makes them pay a fine and lets them go on their way, hopefully stopping at least some future trouble from happening.

Stats: I am leaving these mostly open for DMs to change as they see fit, but Glarr is Lawful Neutral, and has a rather high Wisdom score, which mostly offsets the low Intelligence score associated with his race. He's very good with a sword, being able to hold off two or three opponents on his own, though he's a lot slower the last few years.

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Re: Sergeant Glarr of the Sigil City Guard

I like this NPC a lot.


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Re: Sergeant Glarr of the Sigil City Guard

This NPC is simply amazing. I always love to see him always.


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