Roads of Light and Dark

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The Roads of Light and Dark: These are transitive paths that celestials and fiends can create with great effort to link their plane with a mortal world. Mortals end up walking into soft points such as crossroads and places where the nature of a plane has been readily taken up by mortals. Generosity leads to Elysium, the pursuit of glory through courage leads to Ysgard, betrayal leads to Carceri and crimes of passion lead to the Abyss.

One begins to meet many strangers going to and from this road, exemplars in disguise seeking to influence (some might say pollute) the people as well as the land upon which they live.

Over at least a generation or two, a Road can begin to draw the Prime Material area around it into the plane its exemplars hail from. The creation and use of these roads is essentially an extensive ritual designed for moral terraforming. Residents will be faced with omens and dreams long before the slide, as well as hear tales of fey, angels, or perhaps witches working magic in the woods. Their surroundings will also change, though they are changing as well so not all of them will notice and of those who do many will have ceased to care.

It might be true that Roads of Law, Balance, and Chaos exist but these have yet to be recorded. Perhaps because the powers across Neutrality's spectrum are less subtle or perhaps because the shifts they would make to an area are too alien to go unnoticed for so long.

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