Bubbling Tortoise

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Being a description of a gnome native to the Bottomless Deep, his craft, and the bloods and/or addle-coved sods in his company.

Comdo Corkstopper (Pl/ ♂ gnome/ Exp 10/ Frat. of Order/ NG) says he was born in the City of Glass and later orphaned when his parents, explorers themselves, left on an expedition to examine a portal rumored to connect the Bottomless Deep to the Treasure Trove. Of course they got lost and he never saw ‘em again. Corkstopper’s spent his life exploring Water and the chant is he’s searchin’ for his long lost loved ones. No one knows for sure what drives the little fella but his primary goal does seem to be one of exploration and research and he’s been known to be useful if you’ve got the jink and his interest. On that note he has been known to deny helpin’ a berk if the job involves a place he’s already been, unless of course yer willing to pay double. Most think Comdo’s a bit barmy since he’s never officially left the Deep. When asked why he named the ship after a desert animal the berk laughed and replied “What’s a desert?”

Corkstopper runs a small warehouse and workshop in the City of Glass. The chant is he’s currently investigating the dark of what appears to be a twenty mile radius patch of burn water one hundred miles from the city. The Bubbling Tortoise, his steam powered submarine, has been outfitted to withstand the acidic nature of the phenomena. Recently an ooze genasi’s (Pl/ ♀ ooze genasi/ Sor 8/ El Sav 3/ Free League/ CN) been seen going in and out of Corkstopper’s warehouse and others claim to have seen her in Wormtown. Some say that she’s an elemental savant tapping into the energy of ooze, although what berk’s ever heard of an ooze savant?

The Bubbling Tortoise is a hell of a piece of machinery. Corkstopper’s own invention, the craft’s a steam powered submarine shaped like the shell of a giant sea turtle. It boasts steam boilers fueled by steam collected from a source somewhere in the Islands of Water. There’s a crew of ten hardy gnomes (Pl/ ♂ gnome/ Exp 3/ Frat. of Order/ NG) that operate the Bubbling Tortoise. They dock the sub in a cave on the underside of the giant chunk of elemental ice the City of Glass is built on. A tunnel is rumored to lead to Corkstopper’s warehouse and shop located in the Central District near the Ale District boarder. This is strategic as the gnomes are regularly in need of dwarven manufacturing to supplement their own gnomish ingenuity.

The shop, called Corkstopper’s Magnificent Trinkets, is run by a curious berk named Grimp Bundletight (Pl/ ♂ dwarf/ Rog 6/ Athar/ CN) and his assistant Rimini (Pl/ ♀ cansin/ Rog 3/ Athar/ CN) . An odd pair to be sure and an unlikely duo to be in league with Corkstopper and his gnomes, but these two cutters run a tight shop and can talk the jink out of just about any poor sod who happens to walk through the door. Bundletight offers quite a few odds and ends picked up from the Bubbling Tortoise’s excursions, including elemental material from places that boarder the Boundless Deep. The trinkets referred to in the shop’s title are mostly a random assortment of gnomish machine parts. If you got the jink and can catch the gnomes at their kip, Corkstopper’s is probably the best mechanic shop in the inner planes.

Bubbling Tortoise

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Steam Submarine
Huge Vehicle
Top Speed: 24 (120ft/rnd)
Hit points: 100
AC: 3 (-2 size, -5 Dex)
Acc: 2
Dec: 1
Handle: -3
Fuel: 500
SQ: vehicle, hardness 12, acid resistance 10, fire resistance 5
Cargo: 2 tons
Crew: Veteran (+2)
Weapons: Electrical Current in Shell – a defensive weapon that causes 3d6 points of electrical damage (Ref DC 18 for ½) to anything coming in contact with the outer hull.

A few Clarifications for the Clueless:

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Bottomless Deep's another name for the Elemental Plane of Water.
Treasure Trove's another name for the Quasielemental Plane of Mineral.
For a detailed description of the City of Glass see the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons book the Vortex of Madness and Other Planar Perils by Chris Pramas.
For Burn Water see page 53 of The Inner Planes by Monte Cook.
You can find a description of ooze genasi here: http://users.erols.com/aburner/planescape/ooze2.html
The Islands of Water are in the Quasielemental Plane of Steam.
Cansin is a planetouched race that can be found in Dragon Magazine #297.
The Bubbling Tortoise was created using the rules from Socery & Steam: A Resource for Steampunk and Fantasy Adventure produced by Legends & Lairs.
Planescape, Dungeons & Dragons, their logos, Wizards of the Coast, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are ©2008, Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. and used with permission.