King Cub

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King Cub is a Wemic born to a roving tribe deep within Krigala, the first layer of the beastlands. He left his homeland young, and wandered into the Outlands, where he was soon captured by slavers. However, he escaped inprisonment and slew his captors. He was ever afterward and enemy of any kind of slavers, sometimes going as far as the inner planes, where he associated with the Order of Broken Chains. Beings such as Tso and Dao often fell to his enchanted green steel axe.
After slipping away to Sigil to avoid retribution by the slavers associates, Cub became an ardent Cipher, appying the Zen like principles to perfect his combat techniques. He wandered many planes. Finding himself on the Beastlands once again while following the aberrent Modron March, he met a wemic cheiftess named Thrallspur, whom he later married, and founded a dynasty with. Now the King of a tribe of over 400 Wemics, King Cub has influence over a wide plain. He is a very freindly and reasonable being, but brooks no nonsense. He likes to settle serious matters personally and quickly, with a naked blade.
King Cub often joins forces with other anti-slaving interests, and goes off on expiditions, leaving Thrallspur to run things back home. He and an elite group of cipher-warrior wemics wear ancheint-style bronze armour they forge themelves back on Krigala. The journey to find him and his nomadic tribe may be long, but King Cub is a ready and powerful ally to any who would seek to fight slavers.

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