Kaolin Moly Mu of Stray Manor

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Standing just over seven feet tall this odd priestess from the Prime Material has set up shop with her household in the Lady's Ward in the former Guvvner's mansion now known as Stray Manor.

Sporting gliding membranes that stretch from wrist to ankle, and a thick coat of orange fur the most clothing she generally wears is a simple tabbard with the symbol of the Planewalker's Guild on it. When she extends her arms it is easy to see the twin Celestian holy symbols tattooed on her gliding membranes.

Considered somewhat distracted and daft by many it is common knowledge that she wields vast divine power in the name of her deity.

Character presented in v3.5 of the DND Rules

Kaolin Moly Mu, Contemplative of Celestian, Co-Founder of House Seven Stars, Seeker 5°, Planewalker’s Guild 3°, Defender of Blurophil, Greatspace Order of Hermes

Female Hadozee from Gaya in Grommspace, Prime Material Plane

Cleric 14th / Contemplative* 2nd

S 13 (+1) | D 18 (+4) | C 15 (+2) | I 16 (+3) | W 18 (+4) | Ch 8 (-1)

Speed: 30 Glide: 40

HD 14d8+2d6+32; HP 118, Init +8

AC: 19; Flat Footed: 15; Touch 14

BAB +11/+6/+1; Melee +12/+7/+2; Ranged +15/+10/+5

Saves: Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +16

Hadozee Traits: Lowlight Vision, Limited Flight, Ambidexterity, Skill Bonus (Climb + Tumble)

Cleric Abilities: Spontaneous Casting, Turn Undead 2/day, +2 to Turn Checks

Contemplative Abilities: Divine Health, Slippery Mind, Bonus Domain (Knowledge)

Feats: Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Heal), Reach Spell**, Craft Wondrous Item, Transdimensional Spell***, Aberration Banemagic*^

Languages: Hadozee, Grommam, Common, Elvish, Lower Planar Trade Tongue

Skills: Climb +9 , Concentration +5 , Heal +12 , Knowledge: Elven Imperial Navy +8 , Knowledge: Illithidae +8 , Knowledge Religion +10 , Knowledge: The Planes +5 , Listen +8 , Prof: Brewer +10 , Prof: Wildspace Navigator +10 , Prof: Flow Navigator +14 , Prof: Herbalist +12 , Search +9 , Sense Motive +6 , Spellcraft +17 , Spot +10 , Tumble +8 , Pilot Spelljammer +9

Skill Penalties (low CHA): Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Disguise -1, Gather Information -1, Intimidate -1, Perform -1

Spells Per Day [Aberration Banemagic +2d6 Dam/ +2 DC vs Aberrations] :

0th: 6 | 1st: 5+1+1 | 2nd: 5+1+1 | 3rd: 5+1+1 | 4th: 4+1+1 | 5th: 4+1 | 6th: 3+1 | 7th: 2+1 | 8th: 2+1


  • Wildspace: +1 speed when on helm; locate portal twice per day
  • Travel: Freedom of Movement 1 round / level/ day; Survival is a class skill
  • Knowledge (Bonus Domain): Divination Spells at +1 Caster Level; All knowledge skills are class skills

Weapons / Armor:

Masterwork Short Spear+2 with Celestian Holy Symbol worked into the blade [Attk: +14/+9/+4, Dam: 1d6+1; Crit 20/x2]

Quarterstaff [Attk: +12/+7/+2; Dam 1d6+1; Crit: 20/x3]

Longbow +2 [Attk: +17/+12/+7; Dam 1d8; Crit: 20/x3]

* Baatorian Red Steel Arrows (+1 to hit) x 3 * Dust Arrows Blind 1d4 rounds x 60 * Spell Storing Arrows (3rd Level Max) x 45 * Spell Storing Arrows (6th Level Max) x 5 * Alchemical Arrows x 20

Mantle of Celestian [Armor Bonus +5, Freedom of Movement 3/day]

Magical Items:

* White Ash Staff of the Healer o Elvish and Draconic Arcane Symbols carved into the length of the staff o 27 charges remaining o Lesser Restoration - 1 charge o Cure Serious Wounds- 1 charge o Cure Blindness/ Deafness- 2 charges o Remove Disease- 3 * Ring of Knowledge- 20 skill points, they fade in 24 hours once removed. * Kaolin's Bag- A Portable Hole whose edges have been sewn to the mouth of a sack. * Incense of Meditation * Nolzur's Pigments * Ring of Tongues * Necromantic clay pills - from Vecna's Citadel Cavitus. Confer invisibility to undead. x 3 * Celestian Wafers- Cure Light Wounds x 23 * Liquid Life- Bottle of distilled life force, blue glass stopper * Crown of Stars- Minor Artifact, acts as a helm without draining spells or limiting mobility


* Celestian Holy Symbol in starmetal and gemstones * Healers Kit * Tambourine * Tapestry of the Spelljammer over Toril in Realmspace * Vial of Mercury * Keyring of tuning forks, each one of a different metal. Used as spell keys for Planeshift spells * Vial of Soil from the Celestian temple on the Rock of Bral * Unidentified Crystals from Armistace (1 lb.)


* Arcane Trade Bars x 3 (10,000 pp value each) * 600gp in varied gemstones * A selection of diamonds for performing Raise Dead

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