The Misfits

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The Misfits “We Go Where Evil Dares!”

Violetta, The Masked Bard (Prime, Helbred F, Bard/Wilder): Found on the streets of Dragon Rock and taken in by one of Lucille’s Girls she has been building a rep as a budding virtuoso. She has teamed up with the others while she tries to discover who she was prior to being reborn as a Helbred.

Casimir Syzygy of Liera (aka Henri Darger) (Prime, Human M, Aristocrat/Rogue): Black sheep son of one of the families that own Dragon Rock, he resided in a rented room in Lucille’s House prior to moving in, with his team, at Vanderboren Manor. Taking everythng in sride as long as there is fine wine and excellent cheese (and trollops, you can’t forget the trollops!). The Voidskimmer (a living smalljammer ship) is his recent inheritance from his deceased Uncle Ruprect.

Lemmy Sorpic of Carrigmoor, Son of Mercy (Prime, Human M, Psychic Warrior): A former Sorpic Guard in Carigmoor he resigned his commission when offered a place in the Mercykillers. On active duty in Sigil during the Faction War he joined the Sons of Mercy when the Mercykiller split. Now on detached duty for Arwl Swansson on the Prime Material Plane guarding Violetta and attempting to be a good influence on her.

Moswen Nathandem called “Men Maat Horus” (Eternal is the Justice of Horus) (Prime, Celestial Blooded Human/Mulan F, Warlock): Vanthus Vanderboren’s volatile ex-girlfriend, on a quest to end his life and remove the curse he had placed upon her. “She shall love no man,” is the curse. She tracked down the party and demanded to join them since they are also looking for Vathus and they would have better odds working together. It seems her Warlock’s eldritch blast energy is what sends the Voidskimmer’s organic helm into overdrive alowing them to planejamm.

Khlasath Git’r’raith (Planar, Githyanki M, Fighter/Rogue) An Athar from Sigil doing his best to make a living and not get caught by the Lich Queen’s agents. Extraordinarily talented with the bladed chain. Not fond of the Astral.He has been Larren’s adventuring partner for the past five years. Currently he is eeking info on the Pirates of Gith, a little known offshoot of the Gith race that stayed on the Prime Material when the Githyanki and Githzerai had their falling out.

Larren (Planar, Elan M, Ardent): A Cipher from Sigil. Able to tap into the unconscious knowledge of the universe and able to deal with both magic and psionics as though they were the same this odd Ardent is a veritable font of data he should have no way of knowing. Khlasath’s adventuring partner for the past five years.


Hissarmau of the Ta’an-mrrow (Prime, Catfolk F, Monk/Wizard): Raised by a Shou wizards who found her after Barbarians has killed her pride, she now roams the stars after being released from his service. Having befriended Lemmy upon his arrival at Dragon Rock she has attached herself to the crew proving her value through speed and her special blend of unarmed combat blended with arcane magic.


Xring Ke Kadu (Prime, Xixchil F, Wizard/Eidolancer): Cast from the nest upon attaining maturity she has begun studying The Art. After meeting Hissarmau through their mutual involvement in the lower level of the Seekers. Still rather wide eyed at the adventuring life she has basically claimed the group as her new hive. While piloting the Voidskimmer in a rescue attempt on the Yggdrasil she suffered and extreme form of spelljammer shock. Thinking it might help, Moswen placed her body on the helm hoping for some positive effect. Instead the bug’s spirit was jolted off of its journey to the afterlife, materializing as an incorporeal ghost. Death not being the handicap she expected she continues to accompany the group. Deceased

Ibid of Mulhorrand, 4th Order Priest of Ptah (Prime, Seacliff Dwarf M, Cleric of Ptah): Raised in slavery in Mulhorrand he was purchased and free by a spacefaring priest of Ptah who saw “divine spark” in him. Brought in by Lavinia Vanderboren to provide assistance to the group as part of a debt owed her family by the Temple of Ptah. Adventured with the group until their ill fated misadventure in the Astral running across Illithids of Thoon. Shortly after being rescued by the group, while the majority of them were engaged in combat on Crosswinds Keep, he took the helm and tied to take the Voidskimmer. Klasath, the githyanki Athar, tried to stop him only to have an octopoid entity spring from the back of the Dwarf’s head to attack him. It is assumed that Ibid was actually long dead before Klasath decapitated him.

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