Adventure Hook Junction I

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Happy Holidays!


Here's to hoping all of you have found yourselves surrounded by friends and family this season! I and my bevy of mephit assistants present to you:

Adventure Junction I.

Our first compilation of 100 plot hooks and campaign seeds.

Please consider this something of a holiday present from the Planewalker community to all the overstressed and holiday'd out DMs who didn't get time to plan for their next game because they were too busy sleeping off the food coma. You deserve a break every once in awhile!


Let us know what you think, and swing by to contribute to Adventure Hook Junction II!


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Re: Adventure Hook Junction I

Thanks for putting this together Clueless! I kept meaning to do it, but as you may have noticed, I've been awol for the last year or so. Thank you for being more dedicated than I am. We couldn't have this site without you!

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Re: Adventure Hook Junction I

This is tons of awesome sauce!


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