Optional Rules for Races in Mage: Planescape

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ImageOne mephit minion in particular pointed out, in his wisdom, that he happened to have some alternate rules for Planar Races that went along with O'Rance's conversion for Planescape to Mage. After much negotiaion, and some obligatory begging (you know how mephits are) - I'm lucky to present Matthew Rees's approach to the Planar Races in the Storyteller system.

For those of you not familiar with Mage it was developed by White Wolf as part of their World of Darkness setting. It's most significant element came in the form of a freeform flexible Magic system, fullys upportive of nearly anything a player's devious little mind could engineer. As such, it is nearly ideal for similar magical systems and belief effects in Planescape.

If your gaming group is fond of the White Wolf system, this is one to check out.

More information on Mage the Ascension can be found at White Wolf Games:


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