Conversion Guide for Planescape to HERO

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HERO Games Janus Aran has put together a conversion for Planescape (in 2nd and 3.x formats) to his preferred system: HERO. Here you will find Janus's conversion guide for Planescape to HERO, the first in our efforts to bring the Planes to other systems.

For those of you not familar with HERO it is a game that was developed from the Champions game system. While it was originally created to support a superheros style setting, it was written in generic enough terms to rival GURPs for flexibility - so if your gaming group learns this system, they need learn no other.

More information on the HERO system can be found at HERO Games:

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Been a little swamped but

Been a little swamped but want to give this the attention it deserves. Thanks for doing this Janus, it can only bring more people into PS!


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