Math and Mechanus VII: More items

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The Common Divisor--Simply put, the Common Divisor is a mythical sword that can cut through anything. While its benefits on the battlefield are obvious, the Common Divisor can also cut through Time, Space, Toril's magic Weave, etc. There are various fables and folktales on the planes about the sword cutting this or that, each more clever and embellished than the last. The sword cut through identity, the sword cut through the past and changed history, etc. Most agree that the Axioms created the sword from the silver light of pure Law, but Pi stole it immediately upon his creation and ran. Whether the Axioms allowed this to happen is unclear, but then the trickster Pi lost the sword and it has been making the rounds, in fiction if nowhere else, ever since.

Spyglass of Measurement--used by engineers and those planning attacks by seige engines, a spyglass of measurement simply outlines the exact distance between objects, the measurement of desired arcs, and the measurments of particular objects. One merely has to concentrate and have ranks in Mathematical Knowledge to use the device. While looking through it, desired measurements seem imposed on the scene as though drawin in black ink.

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The Common Divisor is an

The Common Divisor is an interesting contrast to the Blade of the Attractor, which is basically the same thing, but aligned more closely to chaos. Specifically, it's a Xaositect item. I could run an entire campaign based on what would happen if these two blades would meet. Thanks for the ideas!

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Where's the Attractor found?

Where's the Attractor found? thanks!


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