The Inhabitants of Stray Manor, Lady's Ward

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According to the lies they tell when bubbed, the Seven Stars gained possession of Stray Manor from the Lady herself. Obviously they were addlepated during that ruckus months back, they all have the overconvinced glare of the barmy about them. What ruckus? The one where some bubbers and clueless swore they saw an actual Power in Sigil, when it was actually just some vicious arcane storms. Everybody knows Powers cannot enter The Cage, especially third rate Powers like Vecna... -Silvar the Bowseller, Market Ward

A wonderful group of maniacs, Sigil owes them more than it remembers. Bad people to play Three Dragon Ante or Sigilian Poker with though... -Blathasar Thames, Guildmaster of the Planewalker's Guild

The Seven Stars are a trading house originally based on the Prime Material Plane in a place called the Rock of Bral, an asteroid city in the Spiralspace sphere of the Prime. They become more and more involved in the affairs of the Planewalker's Guild over recent years and have become veteran planewalkers despite their origins. They are known to have spent time on the Everclimb as well as traveling the Inner and Outer planes extensively. A few years ago they procured the deed to a Manor in the Lady's Ward by means unknown shortly afer the Power Vecna breached Sigil's defenses and for a short time manifested himself in The Cage.

The Manor itself was the home of a prominent Guvner before the Faction War, and is riddled with more than the usual number of portals, some of them random. Drake raises carnivorous plants and small annoying animated mushrooms in the central chamber of the first floor.

Fenelyn "Finn" of The Silver Void (Pl / Male Human / Rog 6 Gatecrasher 6 / N) Born on the Prime to Tiefling parents, Finn showed little evidence of his family heritage. Leaving at an early age he migrated to the Astral and lived there for the majority of his youth, he then travelled widely studying under the Efreet on the Plane of Fire and learning the Art of The Deal in Nimicri. A silver tongued rogue who can talk his way into just about anything, he has become a good friend to Balthasar Thames in recent months. When a search for his brother (Theridon) took him to the Prime he arrived in time to find that he is sole heir and inheritor of his brother's portion of House Seven Stars assets. Rapidly devloping a cameraderie with the freewheeling group his skills with portals have proven indispensible.

Landrake Kearyndel (Drake) (Pr /Male Half Elf / Wiz 5 Cleric 5 Mystic Theurge 6 / N) Raised in the area around the city of Chendle (in the Flanaess of Oerth) to a merchant family Drake felt the pull of divinity while on the road. After being ordained in the Church of Celestian he continued to pursue studies of the arcane, eventually fusing both arcane and divine energies by persuing the path of the Mystic Theurge. From the starry paths of the Wildspace of the Prime Material Plane to his perambulations on the Everclimb and in the Outlands he has wandered far in the service of his god. Often accused of being the most mercantile of the group, he always finds a way to parley his wide ranging travels into profitable enterprise. His skin is bright green due to an encounter with a mad Githzerai's Altar of Chaos while in Limbo. He frequently travels from Stray Manor to the Prime as he owns an art gallery on the Rock of Bral in Spiralspace. Rumor has it that he is looking for property to open another in Sigil.

Col. Oswald Lethbridge Smythe-Carruthers (pr / Male Giff / Ftr 4 Gladiator 10 Mindblade 1/ CG) Raised in the Dwarven Mountain city of Garatoch, and having less of a taste for duty and more of one for a good party, Ozzy became a gladiator early on. His adventures have taken him across the crystal spheres of the Prime as well as many of the Outer Planes before setting up residence in Stray Manor. An expert with swords and pistols he is the first giff known to have developed the psionic talents of the mindblade. He often seeks out obscure maps of the Prime's Crystal Spheres looking for his home sphere, Metalspace. Affable and friendly this powerful figure is quite well known in a variety of bars and anywhere that has vegetarian food. He frequently takes trips to Arborea and Bytopia and is particlarly fond of the food of both planes.

Kaolin Moly Mu (Pr / Female Hadozee / Cleric 15 Contemplative 3 / CG) A devout but extremely chaotic Priestess of Celestian. On her first trip outside of Grommspace her ship was attacked by neogi slavers and she was taken. Several members of what would become the Seven Stars rescued her along with Theridon. Her travels with them have taken her far and wide through the multiverse, even as far as Ravenloft, a trip from which against all odds she and her companions returned. Kaolin can turn up anywhere at anytime. If she is not Plane Shifting across the multiverse she is spelljamming across the Crystal Spheres of the Prime. Her favortite pastime is piloting etherships and spelljammers. Recently she has been in talks with the Staltwart Lions, the proprietors of Crosswinds Keep in the Elserry Cluster of the Astral about providing them an aditional ship in return for her having unrestricted use of it anytime she needs. Talks seem to be going well. Lastly she is the brewer of Stray Manor Ale, rapidly becoming a favorite in certain bar rooms of the Lady's Ward. She is often mistaken for a Xaositect.

Tavist Aller Sinache (Pr / Male Elf / Rogue 4 Sor 3 Dragon Disciple 8 / CN) A wild, fey spirit, Tavist is fond of smoky, dim lit card games, strong booze, and beautiful women. Like many young elves, he is only 200, he seems to live for the moment. He is most often found at Sensate parties while in Sigil even though he has no membership in the faction. Several years of rituals progressively igniting his draconic blood has allowed him to surpass his sorcerous magecraft by incarnating more and more of the dragon within himself. As a result he now stands eight feet tall, his skin covered with fine bronze scales, a pair of reptilian wings folded at his back. Usually in charge of playing diplomat. Dugan (Pr / Male Dwarf / Wiz 13 / CN)- Discharged from the group in a Tribunal that took place after receiving the deed to the maor, Dugan makes good use of his portion of the property despite tensions and ill will. Feeling that his attempt at an apology for actions taken while under the sway of one of Vecna's artifacts was spurned he has no love for he members of the group. Using a portal that leads to the Rock of Bral he has set up a profitable crosstrade enterprise in minerals and exotic gems. His dwareves can be seen regulary in the Manor, although they tend to stay to the rooms apportioned to Dugan. He himself is rarely seen on the premesis. Shintak Taj Pach (Pr / Female Xixchil (Queen) Wiz 5 Psi 5 Cerebremancer 6 / LN) Originally from Scalespace in the Illeth Cluster, this fledgeling Xixchil Queen and her "hive" of eight joined forces with the group when both were downed on the Illlithid planet Penumbra in Truespace. While she and her attendent insects are accorded the status of honored guests in Stray Manor, they are not owners unlike the rest of the group. Brilliant and determined she is already in communication with the The Tailor, the only other Xixchil know in The Cage. Meanwhile she is establishing her hive based out of the Manor itself thanks to the generosity of the other members. She has since been inducted into full membership in the group.

Etsuriko Chi'asan Toraneko (Pr / Female Human (Shou) / Monk 16 / LN) Sent by unknown parties to keep tabs on House Seven Stars (a fact the group still does not know) she journeyed with them across the planes and through Sigil, being discharged from her duties by Tribunal after the "Vecna Affair." Since her discharge occured after receiving the deed to Stray Manor she is part owner, but she is rarely present. Like Dugan this is her space, but she is not made overly welcome. Currently she wanders the planes looking for Theridon, the former Captain of the Seven Stars. She believes she can redeem her honor if ever she locates and restores him. You can read her Journal here.)

Theridon (Pr / Male Tiefling / Psion 12 Eidolancer 4 / N) Finn's older brother, a full blooded Tiefling with the power of their ancestor's Cerebrelith blood, was raised on Oerth. He was taken captive by Neogi slavers on his first trip into Wildspace. Rescued in short order by the nascent Seven Stars he had the job of Captain thrust upon him because no one else wanted the responsibility. After several years trying to keep the group together and alive he was slain by a Priestess of Lloth whlile in the Outlands. Too stuborn to expire he returns off and on as a ghostly advisor to the group.

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