Math and Mechanus V: The Amulets of Sets

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These magical items, which range in power from minor trinkets to powerful artifacts, are usable only by members of the Geometer prestige class from Complete Arcane. In your own game you may wish to make them available to Guvners, or other classes as appropriate.

Set A/B: Known as the Amulet of Exclusion/Inclusion, when activated the user must specify what creatures are included and which are excluded from a specific species. For example, one might say, "Humans are included, save for those serving Bane." Then in a 20ft zone around the user, all humans save for those serving Bane gain a +1 sacred bonus to attack, damage, and saving rolls.

Set A-in-B: Known as the Amulet of Membership, each use of this item allows one species to masquerade as another. So if all the members in the party are elves, one can say "Elves are Black Dragons." In the next instant, any elves in a 10 foot radius zone centered on the caster are then transformed into black dragons of varied age categories. In some ways, using the amulet carries the dangers of misphrasing a wish spell.The difference between original and transformed hit dice for all in the area is what determines the drain on charges (it's the sum of hit dice changes). There are a 100 charges whenever the amulet is discovered. Any transformation that would bring the amulet to less than 0 charges does not occur, and upon reaching such a minimum the amulet vanishes.

Set A or B: Known as the Amulet of Allies and Enemies. The user defines two sets, perhaps "Good" and "Evil". For the next hour, all those in a 20 ft zone centered on the caster gain a +5 AC bonus if they are good, and -5 to AC if they are evil. Any sentient being of neutral alignment entering the zone negates the effect. Similarly, for whatever two logical categories the user specifies, any being that cannot be classified by either category negates the effect.

Null Set: Once per week the user can attempt to make a successful touch attack that transforms a creature into elemental vacuum, placing them in the "empty set" without contradiction. The creature is destroyed and cannot be resurrected with anything short of a wish or cosmic intervention. A fortitude save negates, but is made with a -2 penalty. Known as the Amulet of Void, the wearer is also on friendly terms with inhabitants of either the Void (if playing Oriental Adventures) or the Elemental Plane of Vacuum. (Or both if both are used.) Unless provoked, inhabitants of these planes will not attack the bearer of the amulet. This amulet will also negate the effects of all the other amulets of sets in a 30ft radius instantly, but contact with any other set amulet destroys it.

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