Blade of Innocence 3: Forlorn

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"I know you harbor doubts, let me explain..." The artificer droned on, but Michel didn't hear him. He was listening to something just past.

You are unworthy of it.

The man before him babbled on about the power of souls, the assurances that the fleet would not become a collection of driftwood in wild-space. Michel had faith in the man, a veteran of some distant skirmish known as the Unhuman Wars. Yes, all that was required was to land on the world before him, go through the portal and retrieve the final piece. He should be stretching his sword arm and checking over his gear, but the voice persisted to push away all other thoughts.

My love was a beautiful thing.

What were the exact words? His mind even now was trying to bury the memory, it blurred in his mind.

You are... You were. She meant you were. He was a different man now, he was actually a man rather than a boy pretending to be one. All this time, her face, the trace of her hand...half a decade in the Blood War. And he had returned, because that is what they were. Resurrectionists. For her, his foci had been memories of her. She was an admiral. They had exchanged pleasantries, examined the strategy for flaws, then she had dismissed him. All pleasant enough, but then he paused and turned and opened his mouth. And no words came out, it was up to her to fill the silence. Which she did.

My love was beautiful, I see that now. But I made a mistake in giving it to you. You are not worthy of it.

He had come back to apologize, come back for forgiveness. For her love. But now...

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