Planar Geometry and the Ordial Plane

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Greetings fellow planewalkers. I am here to present my findings on the nature of the multiverse, and perhaps shed some light on many of the mysteries of the planes. I will discuss planar geometries and the mysteries of the Ordial Plane.

Many of you are familiar with the The Extra-Dimensional Theory of Synjyn the Exile. His theory is that the multiverse we know is composed of nine geometric dimensions, three each of Space, Time, and Form. However, we also know of the theories of the Ordial plane, the theoretical third transitive plane which theoretically connects the inner and outer planes. These are eloquently discussed by Magnum Opus. Both of these theories have been recorded by the mimir network. Unfortunately, the theories do not quite mesh.

Master Synjyn was correct that the multiverse has nine dimensions. However, the dimensions he describes are not quite accurate. The three dimensions of space are correct and obvious. However, Master Synjyn makes three important mistakes - the Rule of Three occurs even with errors. The first mistake he makes is equating the Good/Evil axis of the outer planes with the Positive/Negative axis of the inner planes. These are clearly distinct. If they were the same, Evil would always tend toward destruction. This is clearly not the case, as any baatezu can attest.

The second mistake is identifying Sequence as a dimension. It is not - rather it is a continuum of a different nature. Time is not spatial, but rather exists alongside space - whether that space is of three dimensions, six, or nine. This is a common mistake, encouraged by chronomancers.

The third mistake is what Master Synjyn calls the axis of essence, which he argues flows from the inner planes through the prime material and to the outer plane. Here he is partially correct. There is a third dimension to the outer planes. I prefer to call it Belief. The deeper layers of the Abyss and the layers of Mt. Celestia all fall along the axis of increasing Belief. However, the Belief axis does not continue through the Prime plane.

So where does that leave us? Three dimensions of Space in the Prime plane - these are the dimensions every prime knows. In the inner planes, we know of the Humidity axis (for lack of a better term) which runs from Fire to Water, the Stability axis, which runs from Earth to Air, and the Energy axis which runs from Positive to Negative. In the Outer Planes, we have the Morality axis, which runs from Good to Evil, the Probability axis which runs from Law to Chaos, and the Belief axis, which runs from the astral plane through the first layers of each plane to the deepest layers.

Three sets of three dimensions, all distinct. Now, when someone travels from the Prime to the Inner planes via the Ethereal plane, his XYZ axes get twisted into the HSE axes of the Inner planes. The exact way this transform happens is a mystery, but it means the Ethereal plane is a six-dimensional space. I suspect the dimensions rotate into one another, but no creature I know of can sense this happening. Similarly, as a traveler crosses from the Prime to the Outer planes via the Astral, his XYZ axes get twisted into the MPB axes. Again, the Astral plane is a six-dimensional space. The fact it is different than the ethereal is likely due to the different axes which are involved.

It is important to note that in the Ethereal plane, the MPB axes do not exist. Similarly, the HSE axes do not exist in the Astral plane. This fact is again something that most creatures do not perceive.Now we come to the Ordial Plane. With this model, we can assume that the Ordial plane twists the HSE axes into the MPB axes. But here's the real oddity - the XYZ axes that we primes are familiar with do not exist at all for the Ordial plane. This is perhaps why primes cannot locate the Ordial plane, or perceive it at all.

However, there is a simple way to demonstrate that the Ordial plane must exist. How many of you have heard of Spell Keys? Have any of you seen or used a spell key on the outer planes to summon a creature from the elemental planes? How do you think the creature gets from the inner plane to the outer plane? It certainly doesn't pass through the Prime. Therefore, it must use the Ordial for transit. Such spell keys may be the best starting point for understanding the Ordial plane.

If we examine other similar connections, we may find additional clues. Fire Gnomes are said to come from areas on Bytopia which are close to the Elemental Plane of Fire. These two planes cannot connect normally; again, the Ordial is probably involved.

What type of beings inhabit the Ordial plane? Certainly creatures which are common to both the Ethereal and Astral planes, such as the Dhour, are likely to inhabit the Ordial as well. The Chososions may also inhabit this plane. As far as other beings - can anyone think of a being which exists, but is not in any plane we are aware of? Remember Geryon? That's right - the Vestiges inhabit the Ordial plane. Similarly, the world of Mystara has legends referring to Old Ones, who are more powerful than their immortals, walling themselves off in a Vortex dimension. This vortex dimension may be the Ordial plane.

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Re: Planar Geometry and the Ordial Plane

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