Yellow Fever

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Just SurvivingYellow FeverCopyright © 2000 by Leo

Excerpts from "Planes of Disease" by the famous Dustmen doctor Hikelliam, who argues that diseases are the right way to offer death, saying that artificial means are not adequate to evolution.

An infection, fatal to Primes, that causes damage to the liver, kidney, heart and gastrointestinal tract. Major symptoms may include sudden onset of fever, yellowing of the skin and hemorrhage. It occurs predominately in Carceri's jungles in the second layer and some other Abyssal ones. The disease is spread through bites of infected mosquitoes. Incidence of the disease tends to increase with the Blood War battlefields as the mosquito population increases to prey on the dying. Yellow Fever has two cycles: the sylvan cycle in which mosquitoes primarily spread the disease among forest-dwelling primates, bar-lgura, petitioners and other humanoids, and the urban cycle in which the infection is spread from human to human. Tieflings, dwarves and other tough species are immune to the disease.

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