Yellow Claw

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Just SurvivingYellow ClawCopyright © 2000 by Leonardo Wilhelm

Excerpts from "Planes of Disease" from famous Dustmen doctor Hikelliam, who argues the that diseases are a right way to offer death, saying that artificial means are not adequate to evolution.

A tanar'ric disease, Yellow Claw has spread among fiends and humanoids of the Lower Planes. First reports on the disease comes from an afflicted tiefling in Sigil coming from the Plain of Infinite Portals. Contagion is made through blood infection, either by parasites or exposure to contaminated blood. Yellow Claw is characterized by yellow, thickened and curved claws with almost complete stoppage of nail growth. A loss of cuticles may also be associated with this syndrome. Loosening may cause loss of some of the claws. Humans, tieflings and others are affected, losing nails and in some cases fingers.

A cure may be found in a treatment with rare incenses found on Mechanus. A babau mentioned that eating modrons may as well cure it, but that is an unlikely, if not dangerous, possibility. The incense is expensive and is available in Regulus at 60 gold pieces each, implying a total cost of 420 gp for a seven-day treatment.

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