Ugly Mount

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Just SurvivingUgly MountCopyright © 2000 by Leo

"You're down on luck, betrayed friends and been betrayed and now your rotting away in a prison of the color you hate most? Then, Cathrys has got the solution to your problems, Mr. Basher. You see we giants make this booze here from a little sap from the Scarlet Jungle, rum, lemon and vaath sweat and call it Consolation. If you're stuck here, at least you console yourself with some good stuff. Wanna dip?"

- Last words heard by Jonathan "Basher" Ferunculus, as uttered by Temsys, the other stone-hurling berk

Carceri being the storehouse of bubbers it is, holds all kinds of mythical-dogmatic beverage rituals. One is the Ugly Mount, a regular drink that is filled with a layer of green cinnamon from Colothys. It floats in a mount-like formation with a sweet smell. The spice in question bursts into flames once the water is separated in digestion, making a flaming tail effect that the petitioners love to use as a comparison to their own situations. Only water can save the sod's health. Many other inhabitants use it as well, to make their points.

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