Traitor's Rest

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Just SurvivingTraitor's Rest[Site – Othrys]Copyright © 2000 by Torsten Bernhardt

CharacterDespair not at having turned stag, but at having been caught. Agonizing time to reflect on failures, knowing that reflection here only leads to sullen hatred and not to release or second chances.

DescriptionAn enormous cave in a mountainside in Othrys, Traitor's Rest is filled with the bodies of traitors of all kinds who have been caught. Some have been imprisoned in cages, some staked to the ground, some simply left here with their limbs shattered. Decaying bodies outnumber the living manifold and their stench fills the air. Both living and dead are silent. Victims left here are often given food and water on their first day to prolong their agony. Quickening their end is a flock of wastrels (PSMC 2, p.122) that numbers almost two hundred and never lacks for food. These wastrels look like bats rather than birds, but no one has ever been able to determine why. Perhaps they are a result of convergent evolution.

ServicesThe only things close to a service that Traitor's Rest offers is food and water stolen from the recently abandoned and the portal out. The two-way portal's key is a tongue from one of the still-living traitors found here, and it leads to a Mercykiller's bar called The Torn Tongue in the Lady's Ward in Sigil. The Mercykillers on the other end assume that anyone coming through the portal is escaping justice on Carceri or an Anarchist, and do their best to treat them accordingly.

Current ChantRumors about this place change constantly. Sometimes one of the traitors knows where a valuable treasure has been hidden, sometimes the Revolutionary League have freed all the traitors and wait to ambush and imprison parties who show up with their own traitors, and sometimes the dead here have merged into a new form of vengeful undead. They change so quickly that it can be difficult to keep track.

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