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Tograth-MallkaCopyright © 2000 by Torsten Bernhardt

Rulers: Tograth-Mallka is ruled by three immature barghests: Sirgatt (planar/male barghest/HD 11+11/Society of Pain/LE) and the siblings Banchus (planar/male barghest/HD 7+7/LE) and Swinn (planar/female barghest/HD 7+7/LE). Banchus and Swinn were still immature whelps on the Prime when a fireball spell cast them into Gehenna. There, they met Sirgatt, who was in similar circumstances. The three banded together to resist attempts by adult barghests to enslave them.

After a few years of wandering, they found the burg of Tograth-Mallka, held by an adult barghest that attempted to capture them. Using teamwork, they turned the tables on their attacker and managed to kill him, taking charge of his city. Together, they now rule Tograth-Mallka in what seems to be surprising harmony.

Under this placid surface, the situation is quite different. Sirgatt is close to becoming an adult through the demi-humans and humans that he consumes in secret (see below), and upon becoming full-grown plans to wrest control from the twins and make them his vassals. For their part, the twins recognize Sirgatt's growth spurt and what it means, but are unable to think of what to do about it.

Lately, they have been trying to forge alliances with other-planar organizations such as Snail Outfitters which has based one of its more populartours here.They have done this in hopes that these organizations will provide whatever is needed to keep the balance of power or, better yet, turn the triumvirate into a diumvirate.

Behind the Throne: Gehenna's Society of Pain is looking at the barghest burg as a potential site for a secondary headquarters. To that end, they have dispatched one of their better proselytizers by the name of Grentrix (planar/male goblin/P8(God of the Edge)/Society of Pain/LE) to the place. He has made great inroads into converting the population to the Society's aims, but has been somewhat less successful in finding followers for his god in this place that is far from Khalas's edge. Currently, over one in ten goblins in Tograth-Mallka are a member of the Society of Pain, and that number grows steadily.

Grentrix has also found a two-way portal to the Prime in the barghests' palace and the key needed for it (a fresh lily); Sirgatt uses the portal when he won't be missed for quick jaunts to the Prime to devour humans and gain strength. The absence of lilies on Khalas means that Grentrix controls how quickly Sirgatt grows, which will allow the Society of Pain to ensure that enough of the inhabitants of the burg follow its goals to prevent Sirgatt from taking complete control of Tograth-Mallka. Sirgatt has secretly been gathering goblins on the Prime world to follow him to Gehenna when he is fully grown to allow himself complete control of the place and ensure the death of the twins.

Description: Tograth-Mallka isn't so much a city as a series of deep valleys near the peak of Khalas. Large walls have been built to direct the inevitable lava flow away from the inhabited valleys, but the sloped valley floors have no permanent structures anyway, just in case. The thousand or so goblin inhabitants have dug caves in the hard walls for generations, and the results are impressive, if a bit cramped for humans and larger creatures. Most every cave links up to another, so it is possible to move throughout the entire burg without ever seeing what passes for daylight in Gehenna.

A palace looms over the entire burg, rising from the end of the highest valley, and is the most obvious structure to be seen from a distance. It is designed so that it can be seen from every cave mouth in Tograth-Mallka, and the goblins believe it bad luck to dig a cave entrance that doesn't look out on the palace.

Three towers that merge at the base form the structure; Sirgatt lives in one and the twins in another. The third lies apparently empty, though it is sometimes used for Society of Pain meetings or services for the God of the Edge, when Grentrix can get away with it. A permanent upwelling of lava surfaces just uphill from the palace and flows around it, dripping into the valley below. Lava crocs live in this, as if the lava itself weren't enough to dissuade intruders. Inhabitants of Tograth-Mallka enter the palace through underground tunnels.

Militia: Every adult goblin male is part of the militia, which numbers approximately 300. Most of the Society of Pain's converts are in the militia. A cavalry of over fifty dire wolves is also available, usually on the surface or the valley floor. Several watchtowers stand at the edge of the valleys. Upon sighting intruders, the goblins cut ropes that hold several weights; the type and number of weights indicates the makeup of the approaching party. Anyone trying to climb the walls of the valleys will find them largely covered by razorvine and bloodthorn plants in the general area. The palace itself is separately patrolled by two maelephants.

Services: The influence of the Society of Pain and the twins' attempts to find outside help have made the burg somewhat more receptive to outsiders than most barghest strongholds. Small stocks of equipment to make getting around in Gehenna easier are available thanks to Snail Outfitters' foothold, and anyone who pays for safety here has a good chance to stay safe, unless they run afoul of the Society of Pain's converts. Guides may also occasionally be hired from the militia.

Current Chant: Both Sirgatt and the twins have realized that outsiders are often quite powerful, and are doing their best to recruit those who come by to join their side for the inevitable civil war. They offer powerful magical items and vast wealth, although they are unwilling to show anyone what is available.


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