The Living Dam

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The Living DamCopyright © 1999 by Rasgon

Character:The living flesh and wood of the Dam is our livelihood and our birthright. We protect it as it protects us, using its bounty wisely and passing it on to others.

Ruler:Sheriffs and mayors mainly rule the towns in the Dam. The town of Riverspout is controlled by the Fated and ruled by a benevolent gnomish dictator. The town of Furthest Turbine is ruled equally by a remnant of the old Communal faction.

Description:Made of ancient, self-replicating plants and other organisms, the Living Dam on Dothion precedes all of Bytopia's current civilizations. It's thought that it was originally a conventional, if truly vast, dam of concrete and metal, but that the helpful nature of the plane slowly replaced it with specialized vegetation until it no longer needed to be repaired. Its walls are made of living wood and fungi; its turbines are vast leaves. Several towns exist entirely within the massive complex of the Dam, allowing the river's current to fuel their economies.

Militia:The militia of the Living Dam is mostly volunteers, though it includes a sizable number of free Agathinons.

Services:Lumber, fabric, and other raw materials are manufactured in the Dam and up and downstream and across the land. The Living Dam's population practice arts and crafts as well, fashioning the raw materials the Dam makes into finished products. Finally, farmers on the roof grow Bytopian strains of flax, cotton, and hemp, while fishermen hunt in the lake and river. And of course, merchants are a common sight.

Current Chant:There is a growing consensus among the Doomguard that the continuous creation the Dam represents an artificial hindrance to Entropy's rise. Most agree that this is bad for the multiverse and Bytopia itself, and that something ought to be done about it.


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Re: The Living Dam

Very cool. Captures the planar feel as you wouldn't expect this on the Prime. Perfect for Bytopia.


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Re: The Living Dam

Its walls are made of living wood and fungi; its turbines are vast leaves.

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