Tanar'ri Draught

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Just Surviving Tanar'ri Draught [bub] Copyright © 1999 by Nytechylde

Cost: 5 jink a shot (about one ounce)Per bottle: 100 jink

Tanar'ri Draught is a blue-black viscous liquid that shimmers and changes color in it's glass, depending on the lighting conditions in which it is being viewed. It is thick and syrupy, and tastes a lot like grape juice mixed with coaltar. Poisonous to most races, Tanar'ri find it quite a delicious after dinner drink. It is very popular with Succubi and Incubbi.

Non-Tanar'ri on the other hand can suffer ill side effects. In the worst case it poisons them and they die. It can also cause vomiting and can render a berk unconscious. If it comes in contact with the skin it can cause gangrene. Thus non-tanar'ri are advised not to drink this draught.

The DarkDM stats for non-tanar'ri races. Humans, elves, gnomes, dwarfs, bariaur, etc, must make several saving throws. A save vs. poison at -4 (for obvious reasons, a fail means the character will likely die within a day if they are not treated), a con check at -5 (dwarves get a -4) to keep from vomiting and a system shock to keep conscious. In addition, the character suffers from gangrene wherever it touches (1d4 for immediate damage, rest is up to DM's discretion until a cure disease, regeneration or other similar treatment is administered). It will take the character to level 2 intoxication. Tieflings save with a -1 to poison, -2 to con, no system shock, and no gangrene. 

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