Starving Desert

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HearsayMinethys is home to a terrifying desert where a cutter is assaulted by his worst nightmares and failures. The dark sand is alive and it speaks in your mind. It is the remains of a power that was killed by others in this place. Those that can discover the true secret of the desert can become immune to the effects of the Waste.

DescriptionCenturies ago, a Bytopian power turned stag on a priestess, leaving her stranded in Carceri. All her friends, relatives and possessions were destroyed in this action, so that the power could maintain his strength. Desperate, starving and bitter with anger and the great betrayal she suffered; she wandered in sandstorms, until she fell from hunger. Cursing her power and all life, she wished that the soil in which she died would not rest until she was avenged. The plane hearing her pleads turned her final resting place into a huge black sand desert more than thirty kilometers wide. Those that came would be assaulted by a furious and uncontrollable hunger and be tormented by the worst moments, in such a way that most that come here and escape are now in the Hive, either wandering through the alleys or in the Gatehouse.

Special ConditionsThe desert itself can make a soul live again his worst moments of failure, despair, fear or frustration, depending on the case. Also, those that dare cross the cursed lands discover that they cannot quench their hunger, thirst or whatever need they might have when they enter, until they leave.

A handful of the black sand can have the direst effects. Crimes, betrayal, violence or suffering of any sort befall those who step unto it, with the worst cases prevailing over others. That is, if a body had his head hit with an axe in that corner in the Hive and a berk steps on sand put on that place he is going to be attacked by visions of what happened in the past. These visions don't exist at all and can't be attacked or dispelled, although getting out of the sand stops them. In this case, the victim would be struck by an invisible (to onlookers) blade that would split his head open, if he didn't know better.

Recent HappeningsThe Will of One would be pretty interested in discovering the dark of this place. If they only knew about it.

Also, strange crimes have been occurring in the Cage and the hardheads are puzzled. People die without reason in the middle of the street, as if hit by some weapon or spell. The only pattern until now is a handful of black sand and Harmonium mages and priests have been trying unsuccessfully to understand what's going on.

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