Spit Pot

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Just SurvivingSpit Pot[Burg]Copyright © 2000 by Leo

CharacterNo being is so vile it cannot enter, no one is so low they don't belong here. Only the weak need to be cut down. Those that can't defend themselves or aren't parasites to the high-ups can't enter.

RulerThe city does not have a single ruler, but a number of factions, one of them stronger: Nikolav Yvonn (Pl/male human/F14/Fated/CE), commander of the Black Tigers, generally wins disputes of power in the city, although sometimes not by much.

Behind the throneThere are other factions in the city; Railleb Khan (Pr/male human/F11/N), leader to a band of bandits and outcasts, Yunnar (Pl/male half-elf/M12/Mercykiller/LE), a puppet to the baatezu that seek to conquer the city. Fashal Hassid (Pl/male human/T9/NE) works for the 'loths as a spy and plays Varrajorai against Yunnar and Nikolav, while he steers away from trouble. Varrajorai (Pl/female tanar'ri (vrock)/Bleaker/CE) is a ruthless opponent of Yvvon, offering 'aid' to any cutter with a long chiv. Hamashad (Pl/male fire genasi/F8/CE), the Fire-Tongue, is another troublesome leader (with a very sharp flaming sword) of the violent Knights of Blades, said to have ties with the gehreleth.

All these and others are constantly fighting each other with barbed words and uneasy alliances, but all fear the Black Tigers and their military might, as the others are little more than criminals and thieves.

DescriptionThe city is known to its denizens as Kallinar, but most call it the Spit Pot, where the rabble, scum and lowlifes of the whole multiverse run to. Almost all here are known criminals on the loose, or exiles. True names are unused here and it's best for a berk to remain anonymous. The city tolerates anything except weakness.

Fiends struggle for control of the city, but it defends itself well. In times of need, the leaders unite (at least those that don't have ties to the attackers) and repel the invaders from the massive gates. The area is on the third layer of Carceri and is teleport and gate-warded, so troops of Mercykiller and Harmonium law-enforcers have little chance of taking over the place. The place is a giant-sized fortress carved in one of the highest mountains, and away from the conflicts of the powers of the layer, being inside and protected by gates huge enough to prevent hordes of goristroi entering.

The place is as it was found, not built, by the bandits. Those wanting to enter must abide by one of these three methods: as a slave, authorized by one of the faction leaders or by defeating the guardian of the portal. This function is always changing, as guardians die all the time. The typical guardian is only an average warrior (Pl/male human/F4-6/CE).

Mobs have the power in the city and the leaders control the mobs. The inhabitants generously take any chance available to take someone down who is important and will attempt to topple a leader. Only force will stop them. Anarchists are an all-too-common vision here and are normally tolerated, as long as they don't defy the leaders openly and know how to shut their bone-box. Some members of the faction like to support one leader or another or test some of their theories of mobs on the power or bizarre regimes.

MilitiaThe Black Tigers are the closest thing to a militia here, but except for the main laws; the individual leaders handle things. Life is cheap and offenders aren't given second chances.

ServicesSlaves can be bought at the central market, as well as rare and exotic items and illegal hallucinogens of all kinds, such as planar hibiscus and Jarra spice. Not as big as Sigil's Bazaar, but with far more banned stuff.

Better yet are services one can buy. Anything can be done around here. Assassinations, covert missions, stealing something - say a thing and a lot of bashers will raise their hands for a bit of jink.

Local NewsA strange woman somewhat violated local customs. Women are either slaves or wives, but she easily bested the guardian, chopping his head faster than the eye can see. Some whisper she is a damned sorcerer, others she is a polymorphed fiend. The dark though is that Elise (Pl/female human/F12/Cipher/N) and her assistant Kojo (Pl/rogue modron/W7/LG) are here to investigate a strange jewel that disappeared from the castle of a powerful pit fiend.

The baatezu convinced them to get the jewel, no matter the cost, as it is the host to a powerful spirit: one of a forgotten Abyssal Lord. They pushed their way into the place and are looking for it, unknowing thatNikolav has taken it from one of his foolhardy thieves, which got it powers-know-where, and is trying to decipher the nature of the strange item. The Lord is helping in dreams and winning him with promises of power. It won't be long until something happens.

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