Silvertree Oracle

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DescriptionThe Silvertree Oracle is a gargantuan, silvery shimmering oak growing on the cliffs near the Silver Sea. It is obvious at first glance that this is a place of magic; it's sparkling all over with silvery light, yet looks comfortably natural and alive.

As soon as a character views the Silvertree Oracle for the first time, he feels that he can ask two of four questions, which might not be answered in a way the character hopes for, yet will always be true.

The following questions are available:- How far am I on my path?- What will be the next truly important event in my life?- Which persons consider me the most important person in their life?- Which person hates me more than anyone else?

The first question can only be asked by someone who's travelling one of Mt. Celestia's paths, and will show him how far he's come on the path up to now (roughly).

The next one only applies for events, which are not related to Mt. Celestia's paths. It always focuses on something personal; even if an all-out war has begun in the character's homelands, he might only get the answer he'll get a child soon, or his beloved will die, or something like that.

The third question shows the questioner mental images of those persons who feel a greater devotion to him than to anyone else. Devotion towards deities does not count here, nor are any planeborn included - only mortals are considered here. The result could be a person who loves the character, his best friend, his family, etc.

The final question will always result in only one answer, and show the one being who feels the greatest amount of hatred toward the questioner. If there is no one who hates the character more than anyone else, no answer is given at all.

Special FeaturesBeyond the oracle's powers of divination, the place surrounding the Silvertree Oracle is a great place for rest. During any hour of rest within the area of shimmering light surrounding the tree, a character gains one hit point, up to his natural maximum. Chewing on one of the oak's leafs cleanses the body of all poisons, even magical ones, and spells cast by lawful good spellslingers always work 10% better within the vicinity of the tree.

The ChantLegends tell of archons who came to the tree in times of great need (be it personal need, or something large-scale), and prayed for answers to their greatest questions. According to these legends, they received them, even if they were beyond what the Silvertree Oracle usually answers.

The legends also tell of one archon who wanted to go the easy way, and asked the Oracle what he had to do to finish his current path. Suddenly, the silvery light faded, and the gargantuan oak became just that - an oak of enormous size. It kept this way for the next hundred years before its magical light returned - and the archon was so ashamed that he never asked anyone for help again, and worked harder than ever to achieve perfection. It's said he's reached the sixth layer by now.

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